Israel offers help to Lebanon; How Israel handles digital threats; Visit a 2nd Temple Jerusalem building; and much more!

by: Michael Ordman


Transplant breakthrough

Researchers at Israel’s Beilinson Hospital have discovered how animal organs can be used in human transplant surgery. The main reason for rejection is the foreign blood vessels that need to be connected to the human body. Coating them with human placenta cells makes a “friendly” interface.

Electrifying the human body

A Tel Aviv University-led international team including Weizmann Institute researchers have developed a nano-film that can generate electricity from any body movement. The non-toxic material could power tiny pacemakers with no need for batteries. It could also power non-medical devices.

Safer keyhole hysterectomies

Laparoscopic (keyhole) removal of the uterus risks spreading possibly cancerous tissue, to other parts of the body. But the LapBox system from Israel’s Ark Surgical ensures secure organ retrieval.

Not to be sniffed at

Israel’s NanoVation has been awarded a 5 million Euro grant from the European Innovation Council (EIC) on top of the 2.5 million Euro grant it received last year from Europe’s Horizon 2020 program. It will accelerate the development of NanoVation’s high-accuracy respiratory monitor.,7340,L-3911736,00.html

Affordable US healthcare

Israel’s TailorMed helps financially at-risk patients access resources in the US such as co-pay assistance, replacement medicine programs, government subsidies, community funds, state or disease-specific foundations, and programs that help with living expenses.

Israel exchanges vaccines with South Korea

South Korea welcomed from Israel 700,000 of the coronavirus vaccines that the Palestinian Authority rejected. Israel will now receive additional Pfizer vaccines later in the year, possibly to use as immunity boosters for vulnerable citizens. Meanwhile, serious infections are still low.

Program to address mental health

A poignant article about the founding of the Israeli branch of the organization Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). The first running of MHFA’s Israel Youth Course provided 17 participants with the skills to become certified mental-health first-responders and help teens in crisis.

Monitoring care for the vulnerable

A detailed review of Israel’s – the AI monitor that aims to protect the elderly from inappropriate, negligent care or abuse.

Better connected care

Israel’s BioT has developed a cloud-based platform for medical device manufacturers, that instantly connects patients with caregivers to ensure a seamless continuum of care. Secure, private, promote patient adherence, compliant with international regulations and allows customization.


Magnificent seven

A record seven women completed the latest Israeli Border Police officer-training course. Two were cited for outstanding performance, including Inspector Maayan Sadeh, who said: “I’m more than proud to be serving in a corps whose values are based on equality of opportunity.

A simple tip that could save your child

No need for hi-tech solutions. United Hatzalah’s Eli Beer gives summer safety advice for parents who drive an automatic, to remember not to leave their child in a hot car.

First Moroccan Air Force plane lands in Israel

In preparation for an international drill set to take place in Israel, a Royal Moroccan Air Force C-130 arrived at the Israeli Air Force’s Hatzor base. This was the first time an air force plane belonging to the Northern African country landed in the Jewish state.

Water from the air to the Navaho Nation

Israel’s Watergen has installed a GEN-M water from the air generator in the Hard Rock community of the Navajo Nation. The pilot project, when extended, will help many of the 10,000 families across Navajo Nation who lack access to running water.

Turning on the tap in a Tanzanian village

Watch the celebrations as over 3,200 residents of Majengo Tanzania have clean running water for the first time, thanks to Israeli NGO Innovation: Africa.

Cows for Rwanda

The Israeli Embassy has donated 20 cows to vulnerable households in Rwanda’s Gisagara District. Gisagara’s Mayor thanked Israel, saying “90% of Gisagara’s population are farmers and cows are vital in the development of the sector.” Israel previously donated 22 cows in Rwanda’s Nyamasheke District.

Fire-fighting aid to Cyprus

A joint Israeli Air Force and Fire and Rescue Services delegation has been sent to fight the worst forest fire in Cyprus’ history. It includes several Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft, as well as two firefighting Air Tractor aircrafts of the Elad Aerial rescue unit.

Supporting Philippines’ vaccination program

An Israeli Ministry of Health medical team flew to the Philippines to support the country’s Anti-Covid Response and Vaccination Program. They helped fine-tune the vaccination rollout based on Israel’s successful experience and shared Israel’s best practices fighting Covid-19.

Coronavirus aid to Nepal

Israel has sent to Nepal respirators, oxygen generators, and advanced protective equipment. Its donors included the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the IsraAid organization, the Sheba Medical Center, and the Israel-Nepal Chamber of Commerce.

Israel offers help to Lebanon

Amidst Lebanon’s economic crisis, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz declared that Israel is prepared to offer financial assistance to its northern neighbor. “As an Israeli, as a Jew and as a human being, my heart aches seeing the images of people going hungry on the streets of Lebanon”.

Leaders of Tomorrow

As announced in March several young Emiratis, Bahrainis, and Moroccans came to Israel on a weeklong “Leaders of Tomorrow mission to Israel”. They saw the hi-tech innovation ecosystem, diversity and integration, Israeli art, culture, history food, religious centers, and more.

Israel’s aid work in Miami

Israel’s Defense Ministry extended by a week the IDF’s Home Front Command mission helping rescue efforts at the Champlain Towers South apartment complex in Surfside Miami. Their presence has been a major comfort to the families of the victims. The IDF’s 3D models also helped rescuers.


Europe’s Top AI Institute

CSRankings, the leading metrics-based ranking of top computer science institutions around the world, has ranked the Technion in first place in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Europe, and 15th worldwide. In the subfield of machine learning, the Technion is ranked 11th worldwide.,7340,L-3912007,00.html

The seal of approval

Israel’s Plastopil based on Kibbutz Hazorea has been manufacturing 100% recyclable thin, flexible packaging for the chilled food industry since 1960. It now has a presence in more than 20 countries.

Sealed and delivered

Another Israeli startup Yoran Imaging uses military thermal imaging technology and Artificial Intelligence to ensure products are packaged flawlessly. It is used by Nestle, PepsiCo, and soon Colgate. Yoran has also received a $1 million grant from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 initiative.,7340,L-3911925,00.html

Smart city parking

Israel’s Wisesight uses AI to help parking system subscribers avoid fines for not activating their payment service. It also helps cities reduce traffic jams, remove parking meters and optimize parking spots.,7340,L-3911739,00.html

Israel’s first facility to treat brackish water

Israel’s IDE Water Technologies has launched the Afikey Maim reclamation plant – a first-of-its-kind brackish/surface water reverse osmosis (BWRO) plant in Israel. It will transform 2 million cubic meters a year of polluted water from the southern Jordan River.

Secret Prize-winners

The Jewish state’s highest security prize – the Israel Defense Prize – has been awarded to 4 projects involving Mossad, Israel Security Agency, IDF Unit 8200 and C4I Corps, National Cyber Division, Military Intelligence Directorate & Unit 81, MAFAT, the IAF, Rafael and IAI. But keep it quiet!

How Israel handles digital threats

Interesting video describing some of the measures that Israeli cybersecurity companies are employing to protect companies against ransomware attacks.

Safe treatment of medical waste

Israel’s Maabarot Metal Works has developed the Envomed 80 – a machine that reduces medical waste into a safe environmentally friendly product that is disposable alongside municipal waste. It can treat up to 250kg of infectious hospital waste in 20 minutes, without having to send it off-site.

A doctor’s life saved

The motorcycle safety technology from Israel’s Ride Vision (see here previously) definitely saved the life of Israeli doctor Eyal Nachmias. Available in Israel and Italy, it and can be fitted in less than an hour., Ride Vision is working with global partners to embed the system in new bikes.

The right color

Team ARe-Paint from Ben Gurion University won the “Tambour” challenge at the recent HackIDC event at the IDC in Herzliya. Their Augmented Reality (AR) app matches surface colors to the pallet color on a catalog and then projects that color onto any wall or surface to match the shade to furniture etc.

Informatics Olympiad medals

All 4 members of the Israeli team won medals (two silver and two bronze) at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) held virtually in Singapore. The 351 students from 88 countries had to solve complex tasks using codes and algorithms in under five hours.


On the road to recovery

A key sign that Israel has turned an economic corner in June’s all-time record month of 30,000 new car deliveries. 183,000 cars were delivered in the first six months of 2021 – almost equal to all of 2020. The worldwide shortage of microchips for new cars prevented even more cars from being delivered.

Tel Aviv is booming

The Tel Aviv Innovation Ecosystem Report 2020 shows that the Israeli tech scene, and specifically Tel Aviv, is thriving. Tel Aviv is home to 20 unicorn companies – 14 having reached a valuation of over $1 billion in 2020 alone. 2020 investment in Tel Aviv tech companies increased 34% from 2019.

Don’t get left behind

When Israel’s IronSource went public last week, it generated 230 new Israeli millionaires and they will change Israeli society. The opportunities are out there – Israel still has more than 13,000 hi-tech job vacancies.,7340,L-3911652,00.html,7340,L-3911676,00.html

Encouraging Israeli fintech

Israel has introduced two bills to encourage Israeli fintech (financial technology) companies to operate in Israel as well as overseas. Removing regulatory barriers for their Israeli activities Israel and tripling the amount of credit that they can offer to their customers. See example, Israel’s Sunbit in 3rd link.,7340,L-3911741,00.html,7340,L-3911648,00.html

Motorsport technology for Porsche

Porsche Ventures has invested in Israeli motorsport technology startup Griiip (see here previously). Griiip has developed a cloud-based data platform called RAMP (Racing Media Platform) that enables the transmission of motorsport data directly from the racing car.

AnyVision is another Unicorn

Israel’s AnyVision makes face recognition technology. It has just raised $235 million to speed up the growth and development of its software. It is one of the largest visual intelligence funding rounds, giving AnyVision a market value of over $1 billion and the status of a Unicorn.

Investment in Israeli startups:

AnyVision raised $235 million; Outbrain raised $200 million; Orca Security raised $150 million; Aleph Farms raised $105 million; Silk Technologies raised $55 million; CoreTigo raised $13 million; NanoLock Security raised $11 million; BioT raised $6.5 million; Medorion raised $6 million; Cardiac Success raised $5.2 million; Wisesight raised $4 million; Votis raised $2.5 million; Bllink raised $1.6 million;


Nanoscience and Art Museum

Who says science and art don’t mix? The new Fetter Museum of Nanoscience and Art at Bar-Ilan University’s Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA) shows what happens when scientists and artists put their talents together.

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

These beautiful free videos from Jerusalem’s Botanical Gardens include “Autumn in the Eastern Mediterranean” and “A virtual tour of the JBG” by Dr. Ori Fragman-Sapir, plus “Saving rare and endangered species” by Omri Bachrach. Donate or become a Friend of the JBG.

Viral sheep

Israeli photographer Lior Patel’s drone footage of sheep has been viewed more than 100,000 times. It even caught the attention of the BBC. The second link connects to one copy of the Facebook video.

New Israeli stamps

The latest beautiful Israeli postage stamps feature Tu B’Av (Jewish festival of love), Olympic Games, Israel Police Orchestra Centennial, Manufacturers’ Association of Israel Centennial, plus labels depicting the Police marine rescue service and a Police bomb disposal expert.

Acrobatics gold

The Israeli team won gold at the World Acrobatics Championships in Geneva. Michal Stratievsky, Yarden Ron and Tamar Stoller received a score of 28.450 points, beating out trios from Russian and Portugal to take first place. The Israeli athletes are all between the ages of 13 and 20 years old.


From Colombian TV star to orthodox Israeli Jew

After 25 years as a TV host, actress, and model, Sarah Mintz (born Maritza Rodríguez) married Mexican TV producer Joshua Mintz, in 2005. In April 2021, they relocated to Jerusalem with their twin boys, after Sarah’s orthodox conversion.

Buying a piece of the rock

Jews moving to Israel and seriously considering it are currently rushing to purchase property in Israel. Realtors say that the market has gone crazy. Nefesh B’Nefesh, who has just launched a new institute for Aliya, says that applications to make Aliya are up more than double from 2019.

Special issue coin to thank Healthcare workers

The Bank of Israel is to issue a special edition of a 5 NIS coin designed specifically as a token of appreciation to Israeli medical staff. It is in gratitude for contributing and fighting for the lives of the public during the corona crisis and features a medical worker treating a patient.

Visit a 2nd Temple Jerusalem building

The public will soon be able to view impressive new sections of one of the most magnificent public buildings uncovered in Jerusalem from the Second Temple period. It will form part of the tour of archaeological excavations recently conducted in the Western Wall Tunnels.

Did King Solomon collect sharks’ teeth?

Archaeologists have uncovered a mysterious stash of 29 fossilized shark teeth at a 2,900-year-old site in Jerusalem’s City of David. The excavated house is called “Rock Cut Pool,” and dates to the time of King Solomon. The teeth have been dated to be around 80 million years old.

4th July in Jerusalem

Israelis and Americans celebrated the 245th American Independence Day at the US Embassy in Jerusalem. The speeches emphasized America’s Biblical foundations as well as Israel’s and the USA’s shared values.



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