by: Michael Ordman


Christian Embassy donates 4 ambulances

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has donated four new ambulances to help replace the dozens of Israeli ambulances destroyed on and since Oct 7. One is an advanced military  ambulance for Gaza border communities. One will serve Holocaust survivors in the North.

Reservists complain – let us fight

Israel’s military ombudswoman Brig. Gen. (res.) Rachel Tevet-Wiesel has found that most of the 1,316 complaints during the first three months of the war (Oct-Dec) were civilians seeking to return to reserve duty after receiving exemptions and reservists asking to be moved to a combat unit.

The largest ever IDF enlistment of Yeshiva students

The upcoming IDF recruitment cycle will include a record 1,000 fighters from the Hesder yeshivot (300 to combat units); another 300 from Zionist yeshivot gevohot (post high school yeshivot); and hundreds more from religious pre-military preparatory schools.

Volunteering changed her life

On Oct 7 Yocheved Ruttenberg was in Dallas Texas waiting for her lone soldier brother to return from Israel so they could start a business in the USA. Now Yocheved is co-founder of NGO Sword of Iron – Israel Volunteer Opportunities, helping others organize their Israel volunteering trips.

You need it, Ariel 3D-prints it

Ariel Harush is an engineering student at Israel’s Ben Gurion University. He 3D-printed a radio connector for a friend in the IDF and suddenly army commanders were asking for 1,000 of them. He and 400 volunteers have since printed 43,000 items, from knee pads to night-vision rifle adaptors.

Latin America solidarity mission

A delegation of governors and mayors from Panama, Uruguay, Honduras, Chile, and Guatemala, traveled to southern Israeli cities targeted on Oct 7 and met with family members of Israeli hostages during their four-day trip.

IFCJ funds 123 bomb shelters

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (FCJ) is funding more than one and a half million dollars to place 123 shelters alongside bus stops serving 42 northern Israeli communities, amid Israel’s ongoing conflict with Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Sderot supermarket re-opens

The first supermarket in Sderot has reopened more than five months after the Israeli city was mostly evacuated due to the war with Hamas. Its owner, Prosper Peretz, said, “I worked throughout the war, even though my house was hit by a rocket. I didn’t give up and I didn’t leave the city.”


Phage therapy combats antibiotic resistance

The Israeli Phage Therapy Center (IPTC), led by two Hebrew University of Jerusalem professors, has used a bacteriophage PASA16 on compassionate basis to treat tough Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections in 16 patients. It has shown promising results with an 86.6% success rate.

How do some viruses get nasty?

Tel Aviv University researchers discovered a mechanism used by viruses to decide whether to kill their bacterial host. These phages monitor the health of the cell they are occupying. They also check that there are no viruses residing in nearby cells that the phages wish to occupy.

Clues may lead to a cure for Parkinson’s

Researchers at Haifa University have discovered that sufferers of Parkinson’s disease have brain cells that are deficient in mRNA and proteins that build the extracellular matrix (ECM).  It is the ECM that provides brain cells with structural and biochemical support.

500 doctors to make Aliyah

Nefesh b’Nefesh’s Medex event held in Teaneck, NJ was a huge success. Nearly 500 medical professionals attended from 30 states and provinces in the US and Canada, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, dental hygienists, and many more. A European event is scheduled end-March.


Tech startups hire more women in R&D

A survey by the Israel Innovation Authority and Israel’s Reichman University has determined that 38% of women in the Israeli tech industry held R&D positions last year. This compares to 28% in 2013. Women now hold around one-third of all high-tech positions in the Jewish State.

Israel relocates orphanage from Gaza to Judea

At the request of German authorities, Israel facilitated the transfer to Bethlehem of approximately 60 orphans, aged 3 to 15, from a German-funded Gaza orphanage that ceased operations due to the war.

Brave Moslem women speak up for Israel

Anila Ali (Pakistan) and Soraya Deen(Sri Lanka) have dedicated themselves to resisting radical Islamist oppression of women and hatred of Israel and Jews. Anila spoke at a side event of the United Nations sponsored by the Israeli mission to the U.N.  (See at 27:41)

Chess tournament unites Jews & Arabs

The Israeli Open Chess Championship in Acre brought together Jews, Arabs and Druze in friendly competition.  The 132 chess players ranged in age from 9 to 78 and included some 20 international masters and grandmasters.

Good relations with Liberia

Representative Moimah Briggs Mensah is Chairperson of Liberia’s Israel Allies Foundation Caucus. She expressed her fervor for reinforcing Liberia’s diplomatic ties with Israel, which could even include establishing its embassy in Jerusalem by the end of 2024.

Three new African ambassadors

Israeli President Herzog thanked the incoming ambassadors of Equatorial Guinea, Burundi and Eswatini for their support of Israel and in protecting Irael’s observer status in the African Union. “We believe in Africa. We love Africa,” Herzog told the ambassadors.


Brain Science Prize winner

Prof. Haim Sompolinsky of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Harvard is the first Israeli to be awarded the Brain Prize – the largest and most prestigious international prize for brain research. The prize is awarded annually by the Lundbeck Foundation of Denmark.

So sweet!

Israel’s Incredo (formerly DouxMatok see here previously) has unveiled Incredo Sugar G2, a concentrated version of its award-winning Incredo Sugar. The new product is more sustainable because it can be produced, stored and manufactured in smaller quantities.

Using bacteria to keep food fresh

Israel’s LiVA uses “good” bacteria to increase the shelf life of fresh food by at least 100%. LiVA’s stickers contain a patented pre-biotic blend of bacteria that grows quickly and prevents “bad” bacteria and fungi from forming.  It’s “survival of the fittest”. A clever (Israeli) idea.


Controlling pesticides

New to this newsletter – DriftSense, and its tool to help farmers decide when to spray their crops; Palm Robotics, which detects pests and diseases using remote sensing and other technologies; Fungit Biosolutions’s fungal microorganism-based biocontrol agents and BetterLeaf’s botanical biopesticides.

Know where to go

Tel Aviv-based Atly (previously called “steps”) allows users to publicize their “new favorite places” such as eating out, hiking and even where to take a date. Atly has just added maps for gluten-free and celiac dining. Gluten-Free Eats has 28,000 places in the US and is vetting a further 300,000.



Securing 7 million networks

Israel’s Sam Seamless Networks (see here previously) protects the 7 million networks of Verizon, Virgin Media, Orange and Bezeq – some half-a-billion devices. CEO and co-founder is Sivan Rauscher. She was a former officer in Israel’s elite 8200 Military Intelligence cyber unit.

Speeding up AI development

Some 80% of Artificial Intelligence projects fail, for many reasons. Israel’s Dataloop AI (see here previously) has launched Marketplace – an intuitive platform that streamlines processes, and accelerates workflow efficiency for AI teams, resulting in more efficient AI application building.

A headset for military dogs

Israel’s Silynxcom (see here previously) has developed a protective headset for military dogs such as the IDF’s K9 unit in operation in Gaza. The headset also enables seamless command transmission via radio directly to the dog.

A word in your ear

On the heels of its previous announcement for dog headsets, Israel’s Silynxcom has just reported that its new in-ear headset has completed trials and been purchased by the European law enforcement customer that tested the equipment. The system is compatible with a wide range of encrypted radio devices.

A cold start?

No problem. Israel’s StoreDot (see here previously) has reported that at -10°C its superfast-charging EV battery cells charged to 80% capacity and delivered over 85% of their full range capacity.  Even in the extreme cold of -4°F (-20°C), the cells still provided over 70% of their full range capacity.


Free trade with Guatemala

The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) that Israel signed with Guatemala in 2022 (see here previously) has just come into effect. Guatemala has the largest economy (GDP & population) in Central America. It joins seven Latin American countries that also have FTAs with Israel.

Big increase in apartment sales

Despite the war, the number of apartments sold in Israel has increased by 14% year-on-year. There were 8,053 real estate deals in January, the highest figure since September 2022.

Who’s flying to Israel?

One site with information about how to get to Israel and what to do when you get there.

A space to build space-tech

JNF-USA funded the Mitzpe Ramon Hub in the Negev for startups developing technology with relevance to outer space. The first to take up the offer is Israel’s Creation Space, a group dedicated to promoting technology in New Space. It also helped turn the landscape into a replica of Mars.

Best Microsoft Contact Center

At the CX (customer experience) awards hosted by CX Today, Israel’s AudioCodes (see here previously) received the award for Best Microsoft Teams Contact Center Solution for its Voca Conversational Interaction Center (Voca CIC). Judges were independent industry experts.

Saliva pregnancy testing kit hits the market

After rollout in England, Ireland, and Sweden, Israel’s Salistick (see here previously) is finally available in Israel.  It will be sold in 285 branches of Super-Pharn for just under 25 shekels. The product detects the hormone Beta-hCG and has sold 100,000+ units in the UK since July 2023.

The sweet smell of success

Israel’s iRomaScents (see here previously) couldn’t sell its “scented movies” to the entertainment industry. So, it re-positioned the product as an aid to choosing perfume. Its AI Wizard was a knockout at CES Las Vegas where it accurately recommended fragrances to the public.

Exits, takeovers and mergers – to 17/3/24:

Israel’s Wiz is acquiring Israel’s Gem Security for $350 million.  Multinational Ashley Home has acquired Israeli co-founded Resident Home for $1 billion. America’s Zscaler is acquiring Israeli startup Avalor for $350 million. Israel’s Cycode has acquired US-based Bearer for around $10 million.

Startup investment – to 17/3/24:

Empathy raised $47 millionFijoya raised $8.3 million;


Jerusalem Biennale returns home

The sixth Jerusalem Biennale is finally set to return to the Israeli capital five months after the war in Gaza forced the organizers to take the art platform on a world tour. (see here). It has been updated to give broader recognition to female artists and include more works created post-Oct 7.

Top pizza restaurants

Two Israeli pizzerias have been selected to be featured in the annual 50 Top Pizza ranking in the Asia-Pacific category. The Fresca pizzeria from Kibbutz Afikim, located south of the Sea of Galilee, was ranked 37th in the guide, and the Jerusalem-based La Piedra was ranked 39th.

The winds of change

Israel’s entry in the Eurovision song contest had to be changed, as the European Broadcasting Authority objected to the original lyrics referring to Oct 7.  Let’s hope that the new version, entitled “Hurricane”, blows the audience away!


Tour de Taiwan first stage winner

Israeli cyclist Itamar Einhorn of Israel Premier – Tech Cycling Team, won the opening stage of the Tour de Taiwan in Tapei, becoming the first Israeli to wear the yellow jacket in one of Asia’s oldest races.


Firstborn son at 88

Rabbi Tzvi Kushlefsky, a Rosh Yeshiva in Yerushalayim, has just fathered a firstborn son at the age of 88 years old. He became a widower at the age of 82 and remarried a 50-year-old woman who had several children previously. The baby was born at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Center.

Rave survivors & rescuers pray at Western Wall

Five months after the devastating Hamas massacre at the Nova Music Festival, survivors gathered to pray at the Western Wall. Notes from survivors were carried from Reim and placed in the cracks of the Kotel.

Soldiers receive new Torah scroll

Soldiers from the Hakotel and Yaffo Hesder Yeshivas, together with their peers from the Nachal Brigade, welcomed a new Torah scroll at the Netzarim Corridor in the Gaza Strip.

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