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Israel’s Imagene AI develops fast AI-based cancer diagnostics, volunteer EMTs from Israel’s United Hatzalah saved three Israelis, doctors fix hole in preemie’s heart, and much more!

By Michael Ordman


A biopsy in two minutes

Israel’s Imagene AI develops fast AI-based cancer diagnostics to help identify personalized treatment. Using a digitized biopsy image, Imagene delivers real-time precision-based molecular analysis, increased accuracy and reducing the time required for results, from several weeks to just two minutes.

Three mothers saved

Volunteer EMTs from Israel’s United Hatzalah saved three Israelis thanks to their 3-minute response. Firstly, a 105-year-old Haifa woman who choked on her breakfast. Then a kindergarten teacher in Ashdod who collapsed in front of her class. Finally, an 86-year-old grandmother on Mother’s Day.


Doctors fix hole in preemie’s heart

A cardiac catheterization, the first of its kind in Israel, was successfully performed at Hadassah Ein Kerem to close the aorta of a 4-week-old baby born 14 weeks premature. The Hadassah team had trained for precisely this kind of operation at several hospitals and conferences worldwide.

How a Covid-19 variant is created

Most research related to Coronavirus mutations looks at the virus and how it infects a vaccinated individual. But researchers at Israel’s Technion have been analyzing how the mutation is formed. This provides a new opportunity for spotting weaknesses in the virus that can be exploited.

Curing blood flow blockages

Israel’s BioGenCell (see here previously) has completed Phase 1 clinical trials at Israel’s Laniado Medical Center, of its stem cell therapy to cure chronic limb-threatening ischemia (CLI). Nine patients have had their legs saved from amputation. BioGenCell will now proceed to Phase 2 trials.

More than just a thermometer

Israel’s OmnySense has upgraded its telemedicine thermometer (see here previously) into a health-tracking device that measures respiratory rate, pulse rate, ECG, and blood oxygen. It is currently undergoing clinical trials with doctors at Wolfson Medical Center in Holon, to detect lung conditions.

Biomed Israel

The 20th annual 3-day Biomed Israel summit has 10 different tracks including infectious diseases, robotics in the medical field, AI and machine learning, precision cancer diagnostics and therapies, and “bio food”. Some 6,000 scientists, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors will attend.

Documentary celebrates Israeli paramedics

A new documentary, Tel Aviv 911, is a firsthand, behind-the-scenes account of Martin Himel’s 22-year experience as a volunteer senior medic with Israel’s elite paramedic organization Magen David Adom (MDA). Tel Aviv 911 debuts on May 16 at 9pm ET on Vision TV in Canada.


Praise for Israeli health system

UK Member of Parliament and Shadow Secretary of State for Health, Wes Streeting visited Israel as a member of Labour Friends of Israel. He praised Israel’s “remarkable advances in medical technology” and how they could be used to improve NHS care in Britain.

Israel’s new Russian & Ukrainian doctors

A few months before the start of the war in Ukraine, a group of medical students immigrated to Israel from Eastern Europe. This video shows how the young doctors, now qualified, were able to study together despite the anxiety about the conflict in the lands of their birth.