Israel China

The Startup Nation is driving dramatic changes in the culture and politics of China, and Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama came to Jerusalem and signed bilateral agreements on medical cooperation and other matters.

By: Michael Ordman



Making changes in China

The Startup Nation is driving dramatic changes in the culture and politics of China. One of those influencers is the Lahav Executive Education, a Tel Aviv University project that organizes and runs executive training programs in management and business skills.

25 years of friendship with Albania

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama met Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem and signed bilateral agreements on medical cooperation and other matters. They also signed a declaration of friendship to mark 25 years of diplomatic relations with Israel.

More opportunities for the disabled

The Israeli Government is establishing the first national employment center for disabled Israelis. In addition, a new Israeli law will prohibit banks from denying mortgages to individuals with significant disabilities, such as those suffering from ALS or autism.


Non-profit supermarkets to help the poor

Israel’s first non-profit supermarket co-op store has opened in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. Ten co-ops are planned to open each year, providing a low-cost shopping alternative for the socio-economically challenged communities in Israel’s northern and southern periphery.

Speak for yourself

Israeli charity Ezer Mizion’s Speech Generating Device Lending Center is one of only three of its kind in the entire world. Read how its remarkable technological solutions for the speech impaired can help those imprisoned in their own bodies to communicate and to be included in society.

Bedouin in the Israeli hi-tech sector

Highlights that even Israeli Arabs living in the Negev desert can succeed in Israel’s hi-tech workplace. (Still several major errors and bias, but a relatively positive article in the usually anti-Israel NY Times.)

Bedouins help Israel fight terrorists

25-year-old Mohammad Ka’abiyah, a Political Sciences student at Haifa university, is one of around 1,700 Bedouin soldiers voluntarily serving in the Israel Defense Forces. “I am proud of being Bedouin, Arab, Muslim and Israeli” he says.” “I am also proud to fight in the Israeli army.”

Nazareth mayor & PM call for co-existence

Mayor of Nazareth, Ali Salam, invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to visit his city, saying “It would be a great honor for me to host you in Nazareth. I believe in coexistence and in the only way – that we should live together and continue together.”

Israeli flood aid team moves on to Scotland

Volunteers from the IsraAid disaster relief team have finished their work in Leeds UK and are now helping residents of Aberdeen in Scotland. Parts of the city in have been badly affected by storm-force winds and heavy rainfall, with rivers bursting their banks.

Ukraine’s solidarity with Israel

During his official state visit to Israel, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed several bilateral agreements focused on developing and strengthening scientific and technological cooperation. He also expressed his desire to increase bi-national trade from its current $1 billion level.

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