(IDF Spokesperson/Flash90)
Israel Aid Gaza

Israel sends 20,000 tons of goods to Gaza on a daily basis and Israel has been ranked the fourth best place in the world to raise children.

By: Michael Ordman



20,000 tons of goods for Gaza – as usual

I don’t report it every week, but every day over 600 trucks bring over 20,000 tons of goods into Gaza via the Kerem Shalom crossing. The items include medical supplies, food, construction materials and electronic devices. Each truck is inspected to prevent smuggling terrorist supplies.

One of the best places to raise your kids

Israel has been ranked fourth in the world for expat families to bring up their children, according to the Family Life Index carried out by the Inter Nations institute. The index ranks countries in categories such as quality, cost and availability of childcare and education.

Women in Wireless in Israel

The writer of this article, Stefanie Amini, founded Women In Wireless Israel to help empower women. She concludes that the Start-up Nation encapsulates the innovative spirit typical of Israelis, inspiring and helping women incorporate Israeli culture into their work life.

Haredi woman on El Al pilot course

Nehama (full name withheld) is the first haredi woman to be accepted into El Al’s elite pilot training course. She earned her pilot’s license in the US and had to travel back to America in order to accumulate sufficient flying hours to take the course, which begins in November.

The IDF’s humanitarian missions

This new video shows that beyond protecting Israel’s citizens, its soldiers embrace another role: serving a source of relief for people all over the world. From Japan to Haiti, from Nepal to the Philippines, Israel’s soldiers have worked miracles and saved lives.

Italian and Israeli bio-meds collaborate

Dozens of Israeli bio-medical companies are to meet with their Italian counterparts in Milan next fall. Collaboration between the two countries in the life sciences has been strong since Israel helped many Italian companies rebuild their R&D facilities after the 2012 earthquakes.

Why Israel-India relations have grown closer

Efraim Inbar gives reasons for the improved ties between Israel and India. They include the return to power of the BJP party; bilateral interaction in defense, intelligence, agriculture, health, science, and technology; increased Indian economic power and less global Arab influence.

Water summits in the USA

The JNF is holding water summits in ten US cities to share Israel’s technological advancements and amazing accomplishments in water resources. Israeli experts will speak in Albany, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego and Washington DC.

Israel’s contributions to the world

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the Israeli pavilion at Expo 2015 in Milan that millions around the world have personally benefited from Israel’s advances. Israel shared its water and agricultural technology, benefiting millions in India, China, Latin America and Africa.


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