Children crossing street

An initiative of Ben Gurion University and Holon Institute of Technology equips children with Virtual Reality devices to train them in road safety, and Israeli startup MySizeID has developed an algorithm that measures your body with the sensors of your smartphone.

By: Michael Ordman



Technology teaches kids to cross the street

An initiative of Ben Gurion University and Holon Institute of Technology equips children with Virtual Reality devices to train them in road safety. 40 minutes of hazard-detection training on 18 simulated Israeli streets gave the kids the same crossing skills as adults.

Buy online clothes in the correct size

Israeli startup MySizeID has developed an algorithm SizeUp that measures your body with the sensors of your smartphone. MySizeID then works with the retailer to ensure that the clothing sizes match the measurements. MySizeID has just raised $4 million of funding.

One of the hottest startups of 2015

CNBC has included Israel’s Lishtot in its list of 20 of the world’s hottest start-ups of 2015. Lishtot detects water pollutants from the changes they make to the electromagnetic properties of drinking water.

Fast optical communication for the Internet

Israel’s ColorChip produces optical chips that transmit Internet data on optical wavelengths, providing faster speeds and carrying more data. ColorChip has just raised another $25 million of funds.

Transforming Indian cities

Tel Aviv’s municipality has partnered with the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa to assist in turning the Indian cities of Pune, Nagpur and Nashik in the northwestern state of Maharashtra into “smart cities”. Israelis will mentor Indian city officials in technological urban transformation.

BioGas for your home

Now you can order a portable digester and turn kitchen waste into cooking gas and fertilizer. Israel’s HomeBioGas has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo where you can purchase a system for under $1000.

Researching biofuels with Canada

The Israel-Canada Workshop on Advanced Biofuels in Rehovot, brought together scientists from both countries looking at ways to convert left-over harvest wheat into liquid fuel. Also the shrinking paper market means Canada’s forestry industry is looking for a new outlet.

Israelis developing Amazon drone delivery

Amazon plans to launch its Prime Air delivery service in the not-too-distant future. Your purchase will be delivered by an unmanned air vehicle (UAV / drone), thanks to Israeli technology.

The world’s first jet-powered, 3D printed UAV

Israel’s Stratasys has teamed with Aurora Flight Sciences to deliver, what is believed to be, the largest, fastest, and most complex 3D printed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ever produced. The 150 mph drone was unveiled at the Dubai Airshow.

Make your own reality

With the ENTiTi platform from Israeli startup WakingApp anyone can develop dynamic 3D content for an Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality application. Content is instantly available online for any mobile device or smart glasses. WakingApp has just raised $4.3 million of funding.


Smart glasses for cyclists

Israel’s Elbit Systems has launched the consumer wearables company Everysight. Its first product is the Raptor smart glasses for cyclists, which aims to be available in 2016. The glasses utilize Everysight’s Beam technology that overlays data directly in the wearer’s line of sight.

Check your grammar

Israel’s Whitesmoke has released “WhiteSmoke Expert” – a new version of its grammar-checking software. WhiteSmoke has already corrected over two billion grammar errors since 2002. Earlier this year, WhiteSmoke released a mobile app, available on Android and iOS.

So cool inside Google’s cloud

Google has formed a first of its kind partnership, paying Israel’s CloudEndure to migrate potential Google customers into Google’s Cloud Platform. CloudEndure has been selected as one of CRN’s 10 Coolest Cloud Startups of 2015.


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