boy gets award for saving life

Israel’s youngest lifesaver, NASA veteran makes Aliyah, Ancient Hebrew amulet found at biblical site, and much more!

By Michael Ordman


Israel’s youngest lifesaver

At his recent Bar Mitzvah, Rafael was presented with a certificate of appreciation and excellence by Israel’s United Hatzalah. A week earlier, Rafael, the son of a UH volunteer, successfully performed the Heimlich Maneuver to save his 4-year-old sister when she choked on a piece of candy.

NASA veteran makes Aliya

Jerry Wittenstein, the CEO of NASA’s International Space Systems who worked alongside US astronaut Neil Armstrong and developed half of Apollo 11’s trajectories, has just made Aliyah with his wife Carol. They regularly flew on Delta Airlines, which gave them an emotional on-board send-off.


Ancient Hebrew amulet found at site of Joshua’s Altar

Israeli archeologists recently discovered an ancient Hebrew amulet on Mount Ebal, overlooking Shechem (Nablus), at the site of Joshua’s Altar. It is inscribed with the Hebrew letter Alef and a popular Egyptian motif. The Israelites may even have brought it from Egypt!

Dig for a day, at Maresha

Israeli licensed tour guide Nosson Shulman writes about Maresha, a city mentioned in the Book of Joshua, where visitors can help excavate houses that are millennia old. When they find an object, Nosson tells them that they are the first people to be holding it in over 2,000 years.

Digital Media Warriors

Episode 13 of the JNF’s Conversations on Zionism (Reclaiming the Narrative) will be shown on Tues 1st Feb at 7:30pm ET (4.30pm PT). Register today and then tune in on 1st Feb to hear 4 dynamic panelists who use social media to empower Jews to expose the world to the miraculous story of Israel.

Jewish woman escapes Iran for Israeli medical treatment

After Iranian doctors had given her no hope, Iranian Jew Zehava fled Iran, via Turkey, to get life-saving treatment in Israel.  One month later, Zehava can walk again, and is no longer constantly connected to an oxygen tank.

VeryGoodNews zooms to Massachusetts

Your editor gave a virtual presentation last week to members of Temple Israel of Natick and others, entitled “Israel – Beyond Imagination”.  Watch the recording here.


More publicity for Israeli good news

Student “Ambassadors” at Haifa’s Reali Hebrew School have been posting selected articles from the VeryGoodNewsIsrael newsletter onto their website.  Read them here.