New immigrants from Ukraine arriving at Ben Gurion Airport


Good News Israel presents Ukraine Jews make exodus to Israel; Ben and Jerry’s creates new ice cream flavor for Passover and much more.

By Michael Ordman


110 Ukraine Jews make Passover exodus

A special refugee rescue flight sponsored by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFJC) has brought 110 Ukrainian Jews on their aliyah trip home to Israel. It was the third flight sponsored by IFJC since December, totaling 560 Jews from Ukraine alone.

Heaven’s ambassador

South Africa’s Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein gave a fitting tribute to Yehuda Avner, who died last week. Ambassador Avner, advisor and speechwriter to five Israeli Prime Ministers, brought “kindness, faith and justice to a world which so desperately needs these Torah values now more than ever.”

Good Deeds Day

A record number of Israeli volunteers organized 10,000 projects for Good Deeds Day on 24 March, such as cleaning up beaches, neighborhoods and distributing food to the needy. Acre opened a new park that offers unique and challenging activities for hundreds of youths with special needs, alongside their families.

Yad Sarah produces large-font Haggada

In addition to providing equipment to bring the disabled home for Passover, Israel’s largest volunteer organization, Yad Sarah has released a 67-page, Hebrew-language Passover Haggada in extra large type so those with vision problems can follow the text. It is available for download at www.yadsarah.org.il/images/stories/pdf/hagada.pdf

Charoset-flavored ice cream

One of the Kosher for Pesach flavors of ice cream produced by Vermont USA-based Ben and Jerry’s is “Charoset” – one of the items on the Passover Seder plate. It is available only in Israel. The flavor debuted in 2012 when described as “vanilla-based with apples and cinnamon, and lots of walnuts.”

A Technion Passover miracle

Here is a video of how students at Israel’s Technion Institute put together a “moving” account of the Passover story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baQfqoZrEvI

IsraelActive is launched

I have great pleasure in launching IsraelActive.com – my brand new on-line database of positive news stories from Israel. Now you easily search 7000 news articles about the beneficial work that Israel is doing on every subject and in every part of the world. Thanks to Jake Binstein who built IsraelActive.


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