Israel air force

IDF hits Hamas terror targets after volley of rockets jolts Israelis out of bed before dawn.

By Yakir Benzion, United With Israel

IDF planes struck Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip on Friday morning after Israelis in the border area were shocked out of their beds by an early morning rocket attack.

Residents of several communities were jarred awake by alarms around 5 a.m. after terrorists in Gaza fired six rockets at Israel. Residents of the towns and villages near Gaza have only 15 seconds to reach shelter before the rockets explode, but reports said this time the rockets appeared to strike only open fields and caused no injuries or damage.

Despite warnings from Israel that it would not tolerate continued rocket and incendiary balloon attacks from Hamas-controlled Gaza, scores of fires broke out this week in the areas along the Gaza border from hundreds of balloons launched by terrorists over the past few days.

Hamas does not hide the fact that it is launching the balloons, which carry improvised firebombs or explosives that target Israeli civilian areas. News photographers are allowed to take pictures as terrorists fill balloons or giant plastic bags with cooking gas and attach an explosive with a lit cigarette tied to a wick.

The terrorists then release the balloons that are carried into Israeli territory where they explode and cause brush and forest fires, and destroying hundreds of acres of agricultural land.

In some cases they don’t explode and land on the ground, where police bomb squad experts have to defuse them safely.

While Hamas is trying to use the rockets and incendiary balloons as a pressure tactic to force Israel to ease border restrictions, it has achieved the opposite result.

“Hamas will bear the consequences for terror activity against Israeli civilians,” the IDF tweeted Friday morning.