Mustafa Sawwaf

Hamas terrorist

A Hamas terrorist in Gaza. (Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

A Hamas-affiliated journalist from Gaza calls for negotiations with Israel, in order to gain concessions, while pursuing the ultimate goal to eradicate the Jewish state.

Writing for the Hamas-affiliated online newspaper Al-Resalah, prominent Palestinian journalist Mustafa al-Sawwaf argued that Hamas could negotiate with Israel over common interests concerning the Gaza Strip without touching on core issues such as recognizing Israel’s right to exist.

“Is negotiating with Israel prohibited under Islamic law, or is it permissible when realizing [Palestinian] public interests?” Sawwaf declared.

“If the negotiations are aimed at achieving public interests – without recognizing or making concessions to the enemy – then why should [Hamas] be afraid of direct or indirect negotiations?” he continued. “Will the day ever come when we shall see you sitting at the negotiating table with Israel to discuss [our] rights and principles, given the realistic logic of ‘something is better than nothing?’”

Any agreement that would be reached between Hamas and Israel could be revoked if necessary, he added.

“We need a real patron that would provide guarantees that the enemy would abide by any agreement,” the  journalist said. “But the patron should not be Egypt, which is working to achieve Israel’s interests at the expense of the interests of the Palestinian people.”

Practical Issues, Not Peace

Hamas terrorists prepare to launch rockets at Israel. (Abed Khatib/Flash90)

Hamas terrorists prepare to launch rockets at Israel. (Abed Khatib/Flash90)

Rather than discussing recognition of Israel – which Hamas refers to as the “Zionist entity” – and “its right to exist on [any of] our land,” Sawwaf suggested that negotiations focus on immediate issues, namely, a truce, the release of prisoners, lifting the blockade on Gaza and establishing a seaport in the Gaza Strip.

He stressed that even if Hamas holds negotiations with Israel, it would not abandon its plan to “liberate the land and establish a state after achieving the right of return, which we hope will take place soon.”

The Hamas terror organization, which controls the Gaza Strip, does not recognize Israel’s right to exist and aspires to destroy the Jewish state and replace it with a Palestinian one, according to its charter.

By: United with Israel Staff