Gaza infant death

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar paid the parents of baby Layla Ghandour to lie and say that the IDF caused her death. The infant had died of a blood-related disorder.

By: United with Israel and TPS

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar paid the parents of an eight-month-old baby who died of a blood disorder to lie and claim that she had suffocated as a result of tear gas fired by IDF soldiers during riots along the Gaza border, an indictment against a Palestinian terrorist reveals.

On May 14, Layla Ghandour died in a Gaza hospital, allegedly from “tear-gas inhalation,” after being taken by her teenage uncle to the border fence to join her mother at the site of the protests.

The infant instantly became a “symbol of Gaza.” Reports of her death and funeral, at which her body, wrapped in a Palestinian flag, was paraded around Gaza City, spread across the media and sparked global criticism.

Two days later, however, the spokesman for the Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza, who initially claimed that baby Layla had died of tear-gas inhalation, acknowledged that the cause of her death had yet to be determined.

When a doctor in Gaza announced that a congenital heart defect was likely the cause of her death, the Gaza health ministry removed her name from the list of those killed in clashes with Israel, pending an autopsy. It has failed, so far, to release the findings of her autopsy.

Another and final piece has now been added to the puzzle, exposing the lie in its entirety.

Israel filed an indictment Thursday at the Beer Sheva District Court against Mahmoud Omar, a Palestinian terrorist captured while attempting to infiltrate Israel.

Lying About the Death of Your Baby

Omar, 20, a member of the Fatah-affiliated Harakat al Mujahideen and Layla’s uncle, was indicted for membership in a terrorist organization, undergoing weapons training for the purpose of carrying out a terrorist attack, attempting to infiltrate the border and attempting to sabotage IDF property.

Omar was arrested along with two other Palestinians after they had cut through the border fence near the Karni Crossing in the northern Gaza Strip and attempted to set fire to an IDF post.

Omar revealed during his interrogation that on May 14, as thousands of Palestinian rioted along the border, his mother had called him to say that his cousin Layla had died.

Omar acknowledged during the investigation that the baby passed away from the same blood-related disorder that killed her brother Salim in 2017, but his aunt Myriam and uncle Anwar told news outlets that Layla had died as a result of inhaling tear gas during the riots along the border. The couple was paid NIS 8,000 by Hamas leader Yehiya Sinwar to lie to the media.

Omar himself had joined Fatah’s military wing after his family was promised financial aid.

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