Hillel Meir, Tazpit News Agency
Jerusalem Terror Attack

A Hamas terrorist living in Jerusalem ran over pedestrians with his car, killing a 3 month old girl and critically wounding 2 others in Jerusalem.

A baby girl was killed and 2 others were wounded critically, after a Hamas terrorist hit them with his car outside the Givat Hatachmoshet (Ammunition Hill) Light Rail stop.

“A private car hit passengers from the light rail near the police national headquarters. The car’s driver attempted to escape and was shot, apparently by a police officer from the Jerusalem district,” police spokeswoman Luba Samri said in a statement. Watch the video carefully and you can see the car attack the defenseless victims:

A spokesman for the emergency services said three people were seriously wounded. Another two people were moderately hurt and four more were said to have sustained light injuries. One of them, an infant, has been confirmed to be critically injured. The three-month old girl has been rushed to Hadassah Har HaTzofim hospital and medics there are reportedly fighting to save her life.

“This is a terrorist who ran over pedestrians with his car at the light rail stop,” Hezi Roth, a medic for Hatzalah who was at the scene, told reports shortly after the attack.

“Shots were fired at the offending vehicle,” he continued. “The terrorist is injured, but conscious at this point in time.”

The Arab driver has now been confirmed (7:15 pm IST) to have been resident of the Shiloach/Silwan neighborhood and a member of Hamas. One witness stated to the daily that the attack was “horrific” and that “people were screaming.”

We ask you to please join us in praying for the recovery of the injured victims.

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Source: Israel National News