(AP Photo/Vahid Salemi)
Hamas terrorist organization leader Ismail Haniyeh in Iran. (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi)

The Palestinian terror group released a statement cheering the restoration of ties between the Iran and Saudi Arabia.

By United with Israel Staff

With Iran and the verge of a nuclear weapon, Saudi Arabia agreed to rapprochement with Tehran on Saturday.

The Islamic Republic routinely threatens to destroy Israel, which has sought to Bring Saudi Arabia into the Abraham Accords, a series of peace agreements with Arab states.

The Iran-Saudi detente represents the “culmination of more than a year of negotiations in Baghdad and more recent talks in China,” reported the Associated Press (AP).

In response the Palestinian terror group Hamas released a statement on Saturday declaring, “This is a significant step to unite the Arab and Muslim world, boost security and understanding between the Arab and Muslim nations and achieve stability in the region.”

In reality, Iran has vowed to destroy the world’s only Jewish state and frequently issues threats to Israel. It also bankrolls and trains a network of terror armies across the region, including Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the Houthis in Yemen. These forces destabilize the region and engage in proxy wars with Israel and Saudi Arabia.

It thus follows that Hamas seeks funding from Iran and expresses unconditional support for the Islamic Republic’s oppressive regime.

According to the AP, “[E]xperts doubted a detente would harm Israel. Saudi Arabia and Iran will remain regional rivals, even if they open embassies in each other’s capitals,” citing said Yoel Guzansky of the Israel-based Institute for National Security Studies

“The low-key arrangement that the Saudis have with Israel will continue,” added Umar Karim, a University of Birmingham-based expert on Saudi Arabian politics “The Saudi leadership is engaging in more than one way to secure its national security.”