Yosef Romano

Yossef Romano fought off Palestinian attackers at the 1972 Munich Olympics during a brutal attack in which 11 Israelis lost their lives.

By Yakir Benzion, United With Israel

Israel just marked the 48th anniversary of the Munich Massacre, the brazen attack by Palestinian terrorists who murdered 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympic games.

Yet almost half a century later, those athletes are still inspiring others to use sport as a bridge between nations and cultures.

The story of one of those athletes in particular, Yossef Romano, remains a shining example of bravery and sacrifice.

Prior to the Olympics, Romano was in the IDF and served in the Six Day War, during which Israel vanquishes several attacking Arab armies.

Romano’s was born  in Libya and prior to his ascension to the Israeli Olympic team, he loved weightlifting so much so much he lost several jobs because he would train instead of going to work.

Romano was also dedicated to his country with his military service and he was to his wife and three daughters – pledging to retire from the sport when he returned from the games.

Unfortunately, Palestinian terrorists invaded the Olympic village in Munich in 1972 and took Israeli athletes prisoner, killing 11 of them.

Romano was injured, but the IDF veteran wouldn’t give up and despite being on crutches attacked one of the terrorists to try to disarm him, in an attempt to free his teammates.

Romano was overwhelmed by the terrorists, brutally tortured and shot to death in front of his teammates.

Despite the fact that Romano perished battling the terrorists, he remains a hero who kept on fighting when the chips were down. His training and willingness to throw himself into harm’s way set him apart from most people.

While the Palestinians still glorify the twisted criminals who murdered the Olympians from the Jewish state in 1972, Israelis and their allies mourn heroes like Romano for their bravery and willingness to stand up to the forces of evil.