(AP/Mohammad abu Ghosh)
Jordan Israel

A Hebrew teacher at Jordan’s Petra University was fired this week after his students reported him for saying that learning the language would help them understand Israeli culture, Israel’s Army Radio reported.

When students asked why they should learn more about Israel, the teacher replied, “Israel is a neighboring country and we have a peace agreement.” One of his students, Ayman al-Ma’mun, told the teacher he wanted to learn Hebrew so that he could carry out an attack against Jews and Israelis. The same student criticized the teacher on his Facebook page, and along with classmates pressured the Petra University administration to fire the teacher. Two days later, the school proceeded with that move.

Despite the presence of a peace treaty between the governments of Israel and Jordan, former Israeli ambassador to Jordan Oded Eran noted, “Most of the [Jordanian] professional associations—journalists, doctors, lawyers—all of them [are] anti-Israel.”

“We (Israeli Jews) are a scapegoat,” said Eran, according to Israel National News.

By: JNS.org