If you are looking for a truly meaningful, original gift idea, Holy Shofar has a fabulous collection of unique items, including classic, polished, and sterling silver-coated Shofars (ram’s horns).

In Judaism, the Shofar’s meaning runs deep, both historically and in current religious practice. The Shofar was there at the beginning, sounded at Mount Sinai when the Jews received the Torah directly from God. When the Holy Temple stood, the Shofar blast was heard on special occasions, to announce holidays and the Jubilee year. The Shofar was also taken to war as a call to battle. Finally, the Jewish faith teaches that the Shofar will be sounded to herald the coming of the Messiah.

Our kosher-certified Shofars are made in the Land of Israel and can be given as meaningful gifts any time of year, signifying closeness to G-d and the final redemption.

Here is our Top Three Suggestion List to help you choose the right gift:

A stunning one-of-a-kind pomegranate design adorns this Shofar with rich and exciting colors and glittering gold trim. Featuring a clear crisp sound, this Shofar is great for the holidays as well as the whole year round!

Embellished with .925 sterling silver plating and decorated with golden images of Jerusalem, the Star of David Shofar’s magnificent design will blow you away!

Handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail, this Shofar has beauty, shine, and a clear, vibrant sound. It features beautiful curves, natural multi-colored hues and serves as a stunning piece both for display and for use on the holidays.

We hope this was helpful – enjoy choosing your gift!