Mali Segal
New 'I Love Shomron' sign at Tapuach Junction

The new sign represents “another step in transforming Samaria into a global tourism power,” said regional council head Yossi Dagan.

By United With Israel Staff 

A massive sign declaring “I Love the Shomron” was recently erected in Tapuach Junction, located in Israel’s Samaria region. The sign is about 12 meters long and over 2.5 meters high, reports Arutz 7, and refers to Samaria by its Hebrew name.

“Amsterdam, New York, the Chinese Wall, and now Samaria,” writes the news outlet.

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan dedicated the sign on Monday, saying,It’s another step in transforming Samaria into a global tourism power – we’re on the way to millions of tourists in Samaria. Tapuach Junction is the gateway to Samaria, the south, and the east and is one of the central strategic junctions in the State of Israel, with much movement to tourist sites,” reports Arutz 7.

“The sign, similar to those in major cities in the world, is a symbol of Samaria’s centrality and importance in the State of Israel,” Dagan added.

Dagan also noted that this area of Israel “is where a significant portion of the Bible stories happened.”

“We invite the general public to come, walk, enjoy, and of course take pictures,” he concluded.

The sign references Milton Glaser’s famous heart-adorned “I Love NY” logo, with the sign’s location near Kfar Tapuach (which means “apple” in Hebrew) a nod to New York, which is also known as the “Big Apple.”

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