(Michael Shvadron/IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
UAV Skylark

Seeking to improve the IDF”s real-time tactical intelligence and maneuverability, Israel’s brigade commanders will receive an advanced generation of reconnaissance UAV’s.    

The Israel Defense Forces is currently in the process of incorporating the Skylark 20 miniature tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), and intends to make it available to commanders on the brigade level.

The Skylark 20, manufactured by Elbit Systems, is the next generation of the hand-launched Skylark 10, which has been available to battalion commanders. The upgraded model, earmarked for use by brigade commanders, is capable of staying in the air longer with a longer range and can operate in difficult weather conditions.

Unlike the previous model of the Skylark, which was capable of staying in the air for just two hours at a range of 12 miles, the Skylark 20 has twice the range and can fly for six hours. The IDF has acquired three Skylark 20 systems, which will likely become operational toward the end 2016 and the beginning of 2017.

“The Skylark 20 can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the need to stop and refresh the operating crew or replace the aircraft,” Maj. Shlomi Buskila, head of the IDF’s GOC Army Headquarters’ Tactical UAV Division, told Israel Hayom.

By: JNS.org

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