The IDF downed this drone crossing from Lebanon into Israeli airspace

The UAV was monitored throughout its flight until it was downed near the Upper Galilee border village of Zar’it.


The Israel Defense Forces announced on Tuesday the interception of a drone crossing from Lebanon into Israeli airspace.

The military said it suspected that the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terror group launched the small unmanned aerial vehicle.

According to the IDF, the aircraft was monitored throughout its flight until being downed in an unspecified manner near the border moshav of Zar’it.

The military said that it would continue to prevent any attempt to violate Israeli sovereignty.

In July, the IDF shot down three Hezbollah drones sent towards Israel’s Karish offshore natural gas platform.
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The UAVs flew at low speed and low altitude in an attempt to evade Israel’s interception systems; however, they were detected “at an early stage” before being neutralized “at the optimal operational point.”

In February, the IDF used electronic warfare to bring down a drone launched by a Hezbollah special-forces unit from Lebanon.

A drone the IDF downed in January contained images apparently showing a Hezbollah-affiliated force training with UAVs.

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