IDF checkpoint

After a Palestinian Authority policeman attacked three Israeli soldiers near the Palestinian city, the IDF is taking measures to prevent similar acts of terror.

The IDF has partially closed off the Palestinian city of Ramallah following a shooting attack near there the previous day and in response to pending terror threats.

The military said Monday that only humanitarian cases will be allowed to leave Ramallah and only residents can enter.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is headquartered in Ramallah, which is around 12 miles (20 kilometers) from Jerusalem.

The military appeared to be opening checkpoints intermittently and cars could be seen leaving the city.

A military official said the closure would be adjusted in accordance with Israel’s requirements, and stressed that the move was not a punishment, but rather a security measure taken in wake of intelligence reports warning of pending terrorist attacks.

In general, Israeli authorities seek to ease the pressure on the Palestinian population whenever they can, but take such measures when security requires it.

“Internal closures” were common during the Second Intifada that ended a decade ago, but have been rarely used in recent years.

The measure came after a Palestinian policeman opened fire on soldiers at a checkpoint near the city a day earlier, wounding three.

Minister of Defense Moshe Ya’alon said Israel was demanding explanations from the PA.

He told Israel’s Reshet Bet Radio that the issue was raised by Israeli military officials who spoke with Palestinian officials. “First they denied any connection. This is not a [Palestinian] policy, but we are definitely demanding explanations and supervision of their security personnel and weapons.”

Earlier on Monday, IDF forces shot and killed a Palestinian terrorist who he tried to stab them near Tulkarem.

By: AP and United with Israel Staff