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Following the brutal synagogue massacre that left five dead last week, one Imam called for interfaith dialogue only to find his car covered in acid.

After the devastating attack on a synagogue that left five dead in Har Nof, Jerusalem, Muslim Sheikh Samir Assi of Acre denounced the killings, alongside several other religious leaders.

Sheikh Assi was one of the organizers of a joint meeting with various religious leaders, in conjunction with congregants of the synagogue and community members, there to express their grief and offer words of peace. In the very courtyard where the terrorists killed a Druze policeman before being shot down by security at the scene, Assi spoke out against the murders together with Jewish and Christian Clergy.

“We came to this place to take a stand toward this criminal act, which involves an assault against the sanctity of the house of God, and against the unarmed worshipers,” the imam of the al-Jazaar mosque said.

Two days later Sheikh Assi’s car was found visibly corroded with acid.

After the incident, Assi told Channel 2 TV, “I support the national popular struggle of the Palestinian Arabs, but it must be a civil struggle that does not negate the values of Islam.”

Police Suspect Muslim Extremists

Radical Muslims are most likely behind the vandalism, local Police said, protesting against Assi’s message of peace following the murders. Nonetheless, they are reportedly continuing to investigate all potential leads as they pursue suspects.

Mayor of Acre Shimon Lanski said the city is largely an example of mutual respect, and that the mixed Arab-Jewish populations “know how to honor each other and live together.”

“This incident is very troubling and there is nothing left but to hope that the radical sources will be taken care of with the full severity of the law,” the mayor rejoined.

Other sources indicate, however, that the flag of ISIS has been seen flying in Acre in recent weeks, and that Arab extremists have previously attacked Jewish homes, throwing rocks.


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