India is the first country to take advantage of ClimaCell’s offer to provide high-resolution weather forecasts for up to 48 hours ahead, free of charge.

By United with Israel Staff

Israeli company ClimaCell, which uses advanced technology to forecast the weather accurately, recently announced its partnership with Google Cloud. India will be the first country provided with up-to-date weather insights, free of charge, through the Google Cloud Public Datasets program.

“For the first time in history, a private company is offering a full-blown operational numerical weather prediction model for an entire country, working continuously and providing high-resolution forecasts for up to 48 hours ahead,” said Shimon Elkabetz, ClimaCell CEO and co-founder, Tech Crunch reported. “Not only is it an historical milestone, we are providing it completely free of charge. We invite others to join us in making weather data free and accessible for everyone.”

The company, founded in 2016, believes that accurate weather predictions require studying the nuances of local climates and geographies. India is pegged to be the test study.

According to its website, ClimaCell combines “Weather-of-Things data – from cell tower transmissions to connected cars – with traditional data sources and analyze[s] it using proprietary, cutting edge models. The result: forecasts that are hyper accurate, specific, and customizable.”

ClimaCell says:

– 70 percent of businesses are impacted by weather;

– 85 percent of the globe do not have reliable real time and forecast weather data;

– 90 percent of businesses cannot understand what weather data means for them;

– Weather impact and volatility is mentioned as one of CEOs top 5 concerns;

– #1 frustration is that weather data is not accurate enough to become actionable.

The company will also test additional products that predict floods, air quality and more, according to Tech Crunch. Through accurately forecasting the weather, industries and people “make better decisions that impact everything from operations to profitability to safety and quality of life.”

ClimaCell is expecting to customize its services for other locations in the near future, based on the Indian model.

In addition to various industries, developing countries and “people who simply don’t want to get caught in the rain,” airlines such as including Delta and United have also successfully used ClimaCell products for about a year.