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He also posted that he would ‘make sure that every CIA member who is pro-Israel is eliminated.’

By Shula Rosen

A freelance journalist from northern Indiana has been arrested for allegedly threatening to “kill every Jew,” and could face up to five years in federal prison if convicted.

Jeffrey Stevens (41) a freelance reporter from Fort Wayne, Indiana is charged with sending threatening material through interstate communications when he posted violent antisemitic threats on social media.

Stevens was reported to the FBI after “multiple concerning Facebook posts” following the Hamas assault on Israel on October 7th, according to the affidavit.

During an FBI interview, Stevens admitted to posting on the CIA’s website that he intended to shoot every government official that supported Israel, the affidavit said.

In addition, Stevens confessed that he sent a Facebook message to the Fort Wayne police department that he was going to “kill every Jew.”

Stevens claims that he was drunk at the time and wasn’t aware of what he was doing.

He also posted that he would “make sure that every CIA member who is pro-Israel is eliminated.”

If Stevens is found guilty, he could serve a maximum sentence of five years.

This is one of many antisemitic incidents being reported in the United States and worldwide.

A report released last week found that one-quarter of Jews in the US said they had experienced overt antisemitism in the past year.

Nearly two-thirds reported feeling less safe than they did a year ago.

This was a significant jump from just 22% of US Jews last year reporting feeling unsafe.

In addition, half of US Jews said they altered their dress, behavior or destination to avoid an antisemitic attack.

The survey was conducted by The American Jewish Committee, a prominent advocacy organization and it demonstrated a spike in antisemitic incidents since the October 7th massacre committed by Hamas against Israel during with 1,200 Israelis were murdered and 253 were taken hostage.

“This year’s study shows us very clearly that antisemitism that was really just a simmering flame is now, especially since October 7, a five-alarm fire,” Ted Deutch, CEO of AJC, told The Associated Press.