Iron Beam

“This may sound like science-fiction, but it’s real,” Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said.

By United with Israel Staff

The Defense Ministry announced last week that testing for a high-powered laser defense system was completed successfully.

The ‘Iron Beam’ defense system will intercept missiles, drones, mortars, and anti-tank rockets, according to the initial tests.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz called it a ‘game-changer” in the war on terror.

“We have successfully completed a series of tests on our new ‘Iron Beam’ laser air defense system,” Prime Minister Naftali Bennett stated.

“This may sound like science-fiction, but it’s real,” he enthused.

“This state-of-the-art laser system is capable of firing laser beams that intercept incoming UAVs, mortars, rockets and anti-tank missiles. It’s a game changer,” the prime minister explained, saying it’s “the world’s first energy-based weapons system that has proven to actually work.

“The Iron Beam’s interceptions are silent, they’re invisible and they only cost around $3.50.

“We are turning the tables on terror,” he said, lauding the Ministry of Defense and the defense industries on this “huge achievement.”

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