(Amit Shechter/IDF Spokesperson Unit)
IDF medics

Israel will join the International Army Games this year, alongside Syria.

Israel and Syria will be among the countries participating in the International Army Games slated to be held in Bukovinka outside Moscow August 22-27, the organizing committee announced Wednesday at a press conference with the military attaches from 32 countries.

Russia’s TAAS news agency reported that South Africa, Uzbekistan, Fiji, Uganda and Laos will also be joining the games for the first time this year.

At least 28 countries have confirmed their participation in the international event, considered the Olympics for the military. As well, 16 countries have yet to decide on their participation. Invitations were sent to 73 countries.

This is the fourth year the Russians will hold what has been dubbed as the “military Olympics,” in which various armies from the world compete in professional fields such as armor, paratroopers, military police, medicine, and more.

The 2017 games will include drone usage for the first time.

Last year’s games featured 23 field, air and marine-based events and feature 121 teams from Russia and 19 other countries with more than 3,000 military personnel participating.

Last year, a contingent of Iranian paratroopers belonging to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) took part in the games.

The IDF is planning on participating in the military medicine and logistics events, Israel’s Ynet reported.

By: United with Israel Staff