Israel preemptively evacuated tens of thousands of civilians from towns near the border following October 7.

By World Israel News

Israel told the U.S. that as part of a diplomatic deal aimed at easing tensions with Lebanon, Iran-backed Hezbollah forces would need to withdrew 6 miles away from the border, the Axios news site reported on Tuesday.

The current flare-up on the border with Lebanon is the most severe since the month-long war between Israel and Hezbollah in 2006, with Hezbollah firing dozens of rockets and missiles into Israeli territory since the outbreak of hostilities between Israel and the Hamas terrorist organization – another Iran proxy – on October 7th.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Beirut would “end up like Gaza” if Hezbollah initiates another full-scale war.

Israel preemptively evacuated tens of thousands of civilians from villages and towns near the border following October 7. The Israeli government has publicly stated that for citizens to safely return to their homes, significant changes are required, either through diplomatic negotiations or military action.

President Biden’s senior adviser, Amos Hochstein, along with other U.S. officials, have been actively engaged in efforts to reach a diplomatic resolution but progress has thus far been limited.

Yuli Edelstein, chairman of the Israeli parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee, told Reuters last week that Israel was determined to push back Hezbollah’s presence on the border with Israel.

“This is a goal, I think, that we are trying to reach, at this stage, through diplomatic channels,” he told the news wire, and warned that the alternative could result in another war.

“We are turning to every normal country, be it the United States, France, Arab countries – anyone who could somehow influence the situation and has some influence in Lebanon.”

However, a source close to Hezbollah told Reuters that Israel’s expectations to push back the terror group’s forces were “unrealistic.”