Nuclear explotion

The deadline for a deal with Iran is near. Jerusalem fears that as the pressure increases, the US will settle for a bad deal for Israel and the entire world. 

The talks between the Western Powers and Iran regarding Iran’s nuclear ambitions are set to end Monday with no clear resolution on the horizon. Both sides have indicated that they will extend the talks in a bid to reach some agreement, but the previously expressed hopes during the negotiations have been replaced with expressions of pessimism.

The Telegraph reports that US Secretary of State John Kerry is struggling to salvage “tough” and “difficult” negotiations with Iran, as hopes fade of achieving a final agreement to settle the confrontation over Tehran’s nuclear aspirations.

Israel is closely monitoring the negotiations and developments in Iran and is worried that the Obama Administration will settle for a “bad deal,” as Prime Minister Netanyahu calls it, in order to show a diplomatic achievement.

A bad deal between the West and Iran would mean an imminent threat of annihilation for Israel as well as a huge global threat.

Iran’s religious leaders have recently threatened to wipe Israel off the face of the map, delineating how and why they intended to execute their plans.

An Historic Mistake

Talking to ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated: “I think it’s important that there won’t be a bad deal. A bad deal would enable Iran to remain with thousands of centrifuges, which it could use to enrich uranium which is what you need for a nuclear bomb. It could do so in a very short time. I think the key principle is this: Don’t dismantle sanctions before you dismantle Iran’s capacity to make a nuclear bomb.”

Netanyahu stressed that the Iranians have not backed down from their nuclear ambitions, “and if for any reason the United States or the other powers agree to leave Iran with that capacity to breakout [nuclear threshold power], I think that would be an historic mistake. Not only because it endangers my country, Israel, that Iran’s ruler, the Ayatollah Khamenei, vows to annihilate, but also because I think it would endanger the entire Middle East and the world.”

Netanyahu added that Israel was doing all it could diplomatically to influence the outcome of the talks.

Iran – A Global Threat

Netanyahu pointed out again that Iran was threatening the entire world, and not only Israel: “You know, they’re developing ICBMs, intercontinental ballistic missiles. Why in heaven’s name does Iran need intercontinental ballistic missiles? They don’t need those missiles to reach Israel. They need it to reach Europe and the United States, and the only thing you carry on intercontinental ballistic missiles are nuclear warheads. So I think that the issue here is not merely Israel, but everyone, the entire world, all of the – or nearly all of the regimes in the Middle East, with the exception of the Syrian regime – and everybody else, they understand that this is a great danger.”

Israel is working diplomatically, but Netanyahu warned that the Jewish state “will always reserve the right to defend itself against any threat with its own power.”

Jerusalem Anxious About the Pending Deal

Speaking earlier on Sunday during the weekly Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said that Israel was very anxious about the pending deal with Iran: “Last night US Secretary of State John Kerry updated me on the situation in the nuclear talks with Iran. We are anxiously monitoring developments in these talks. We are holding discussions with the representatives of other major powers and are presenting them with a vigorous position to the effect that Iran must not be allowed to be determined as a nuclear threshold state. Therefore, no agreement at all would be preferable to a bad agreement that would endanger Israel, the Middle East and all of humanity,” he stated.

You Can Fight Back Against Iran!

The discussions between Iran and the West regarding Iran’s nuclear aspirations are at a critical point. Israel fears that the Obama Administration will ease the sanctions on Iran to gain diplomatic points. We MUST ensure that Iran does not become nuclear.

To sign a petition demanding NOT to ease sanctions on Iran at Israel’s expense, click HERE.

Author: United with Israel Staff