Egypt attak

Jerusalem: “Terrorism will be defeated even more quickly if all countries work against it together.”  

Israel on Saturday issued a strong condemnation of “the horrific and criminal terrorist attack” at the El-Rawda mosque in the town of Bir al-Abd, near El-Arish, in which Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists massacred 305 Muslim worshipers, including 27 children, during Friday prayers.

Israel “sends condolences on behalf of the people of Israel to President [Abdel Fattah] el-Sisi, the Egyptian people and the families of the victims. Israel sends its best wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured,” a statement by the Prime Minister’s Office said.

“Terrorism will be defeated even more quickly if all countries work against it together,” the statement said.

The Tel Aviv municipality lit up in the colors of the Egyptian flag in solidarity with the Egyptian people.

Survivors of the horrendous attack described intense gunfire ringing out as the mosque was shaken by blasts and children screaming as their parents were mowed down. A stampede occurred as people rushed for an exit, while others tried desperately to force their way out of windows.

They say the terrorists arrived in five SUVs and took positions across from the mosque’s door and windows. Just as the imam was about to deliver his Friday sermon from atop the pulpit, they opened fire and tossed grenades at the estimated 500 worshippers inside.

When the carnage finally stopped, more than 305 people were dead, including 27 children, and 128 injured.

The mosque is frequented by Sufi Muslims, a mystic school of Islam that militants consider to be heretic.

Egypt’s military says warplanes have struck several vehicles used in the attack, destroying them and killing all terrorists inside.

This was the deadliest attack by Islamic terrorists in the modern history of Egypt. The attack served as a grim milestone in a long-running fight against an insurgency led by a local ISIS affiliate.

By: United with Israel Staff and AP

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