Michael Giladi/Flash90
Bereaved Israeli families

Israel’s new government withholds the tax funds used by the Palestinian Authority to pay salaries to terrorists, redirecting the money to terror victims and their families instead.

By United with Israel

On Sunday, Israel transferred to victims of Palestinian terrorism and their families close to $40 million of tax revenues originally collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority.

“There is no greater justice than offsetting the funds of the Palestinian Authority, which supports terrorism, and transferring them to the families of the victims of terrorism,” commented Israel’s Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich at the beginning of the week.

While Israel has historically passed the funds along to the PA, Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government is refusing to continue the practice because the PA uses the money to pay salaries to terrorists and their families as part of the PA’s official pay-for-slay policy.

“We promised to fix this, and today we are correcting an injustice,” said Smotrich at a Sunday press conference, reported JNS.org. “This is an important day for morality, for justice and for the fight against terrorism.”

Every month, the PA pays stipends to Palestinians who carried out terrorist attacks, in addition to transferring funds to the families of those killed in the process of attacking Israelis.

According to JNS report, the PA spent $157 million in 2021 paying terror salaries, incentivizing the murder of innocent Israelis.

Israel’s new policy is in accordance with a ruling by the Jerusalem District Court holding the PA responsible for terrorist crimes committed against Israelis due to the PA’s”pay-for-slay” policy, which violates Israeli law and the U.S.’ Taylor Force Act.

Taylor Force was an American veteran of tours in Iraq and Afghanistan who was murdered by a terrorist during a walk in Tel Aviv amid a Vanderbilt University MBA trip focused on global entrepreneurship. The family of the terrorist, who was killed on the scene, is entitled to payments for life according to official PA policy.

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