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Aura Air

Trial shows Aura Air’s ability to significantly reduce aerosolized viruses responsible for the “tripledemic” of RSV, Covid-19, and flu.

By Abigail Klein Leichman, Israel21c

This winter, many people are getting sick due to a “tripledemic” of Covid-19, flu and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). RSV is the number one reason children are admitted to hospitals this year, and cases are overwhelming hospitals worldwide.

Israel-based Aura Air says its four-stage air disinfection and purification devices can help, according to newly released results of an independent study.

The Innovative Bioanalysis Laboratory study shows Aura Air’s system successfully filters and removes 99.99% of airborne RSV particles.

“We are committed to helping hospitals mitigate the risks of the fast-spreading RSV,” said Roei Friedberg, CEO of Aura Americas.

In addition to RSV, Innovative Bioanalysis Laboratory and Israel’s Sheba Medical Center confirmed that Aura Air successfully filters and removes 99.99% of airborne SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) and 99.98% of Influenza A (flu) virus particles, in addition to many other pathogens and allergens.

Schools, hospitals, businesses, hotels, restaurants, buses, and medical associations in 87 countries, including the New Jersey Hospital Association (NJHA), have installed Aura Air to help combat the spread of these microbes.

“Hospitals and communities across the country are being hit by an unprecedented surge in patients suffering from RSV, especially very young children,” said NJHA Senior Vice President Michael A. Guerriero.

“Aura Air’s advanced air purification and disinfection technology provides a welcome line of defense against these highly contagious viruses. Our partnership is focused on supporting New Jersey-area hospitals and their front-line heroes as they battle the tripledemic.”

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