(AP/Mahmoud Illean)
Temple Mount police

Palestinians continue to disrespect the holiness and significance of the Temple Mount as they riot and attack innocent visitors there with rocks. Unfortunately, Israel has been forced to protect people by closing the site temporarily, allowing only Muslims inside.

Israel’s police announced Tuesday morning that it will block the entry of non-Muslims to the Temple Mount until the end of the Muslim month of Ramadan on Thursday in wake of Palestinian violence and rioting at the holy site for the past two days.

The implication is that Jews and tourists cannot visit the holy site for the next three days.

The police stated it was seeking to prevent further violence at the site, and that it was conducting an ongoing dialogue with the local Muslim leadership to defuse tensions.

Despite the police’s attempts to maintain the calm, Palestinians rioted on Tuesday morning as well, hurling rocks at the Kotel plaza situated bellow the Mount.

An Israeli worshiper, a 73 year old woman, was wounded by one the rocks. She was evacuated to Haddash Ein Kerem hospital for treatment.

Police stormed the Mount and drove back the rioters. They arrested 16 Palestinians in suspicion of participating in the violence.

The rioters are apparently protesting the fact the Jews entered the Temple Mount during the Muslim months of Ramadan, although they have previously rioted against the presence of Jews at the holy site at any time.

Israel’s 0404 news reported that police forces posted on the Temple Mount expressed dismay at the decision to shut down the Temple Mount for Jewish visitors, saying it was a capitulation to Palestinian violence. In a message sent to the site, they wrote that they felt humiliated by the decision not to act against the rioters.

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel