India police

Beware criminals in India! Successful Israeli crime-fighting technology is coming to get you!

By: United with Israel Staff

A unique camera-based Israeli technology is helping India’s police fight crime and nab criminals.

The Times of India reported this week that an intelligent patrolling system developed by the Israeli government was used for the first time in India’s Saurashtra region at its biggest annual fair.

The technology enables known and wanted criminals to be identified with the help of a body camera and voice recorder carried by policemen on patrol.

The video from the body camera is transmitted to a police control room where, based on facial recognition, an alert message about the suspect is sent to cops on patrol.

The police engage the suspect and the voice is transmitted to the control room for a database search and analysis.

Rajkot police commissioner Manoj Agrawal said that even “if a person with a criminal background comes to the fair after changing his or her look…using the Israeli technology of face and voice recognition we can identify them easily,” reported the Times of India.

Rajkot is the fourth-largest city in the state of Gujarat, India.

This technology has been deemed a success in Israel and has been effectively tested in a crowd of some 40,000.