Filipino victims thank Israel for their help. (Photo: IsraAid)
Israeli humanitarian aid

Israel to the rescue – again. This time, an emergency response team is treating typhoon victims in the Philippines.

IsraAid, an Israeli NGO committed to providing life-saving disaster relief and long-term support to persons in need around the globe, has sent an emergency response team to the Philippines. The island country in southeast Asia was recently struck by Typhoon Hagupit, a harsh storm that hit hundreds of thousands of families.

The team was tasked with providing medical, psychological and social relief, together with the provision of material goods at the Can-Avid municipality, where the eye of the typhoon struck a week and a half ago.

IsraAID, in coordination with the UN and the local Ministry of Health, went to Can-Avid, where 97% of residents were affected by the typhoon, to offer medical treatment. To date, the Israelis have treated more than 400 injured people, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported on Monday.

The team has also delivered food other items to over 400 families, including rice, noodles, water, much-needed mosquito repellent, hygiene kits and more.

IsraAID also provided psychological and social support activities to more than 150 children in Barangay Rawis and Camantang, and they trained local professionals in dealing with trauma-affected communities.

Typhoon Hagupit, known in the Philippines as Ruby, began as a frighteningly powerful storm earlier this month, leaving at least 21 people dead and forcing more than 1.6 million into shelters. Hagupit is Filipino for “smash” or “lash.”

Provider of Global Assistance

Israel has a long history of leading humanitarian, medical and logistical assistance to countries in distress around the world, including to tornado victims in Oklahoma, typhoon refuges in previous storms in the Philippines and earthquake casualties in Haiti.

By: United with Israel Staff


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