(Hadas Parush/Flash90)
Danny Danon

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations questioned members of the Security Council (UNSC) on Monday about how they would have responded had Iran engraved threats to annihilate their own countries on ballistic missiles it was about to test-launch.

Danny Danon was referring to last week’s missile tests, conducted by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, during which commanders revealed that the words “Israel must be wiped out” — in Hebrew — had been engraved on at least one projectile prior to firing.

“If it had been written that England, France, Japan, or any other country must be removed from the earth, would the Security Council sit silently?” Danon asked rhetorically, adding that making sure Iran suffers consequences from its behavior “is the only way to ensure that [it] does not continue to test more missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.”

Danon made these remarks ahead of an emergency session of the UNSC, convened to address the Islamic Republic’s apparent violation of Resolution 2231, adopted in July 2015 to set out the conditions for the nuclear deal signed between Iran and world powers.

“Ignoring Iran’s violations will give a green light for continuing nuclear missile tests,” Danon said. “History has taught us that we cannot bury our heads in the sand. Action must be taken against Iran.”

He concluded, “We will always defend ourselves when threatened. But today you must hold Iran accountable and take concrete steps against their violations and their acts of aggression towards the state of Israel.”

By: The Algemeiner