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Jerusalem view

The prestigious Travel and Leisure magazine recommended Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, as one of the top 10 cities to visit.

Together with Kyoto, Japan and Barcelona, Spain, Jerusalem was listed by the widely read Travel and Leisure (T&L) magazine as one of the world’s most “spectacular” cities.

“They are energetic, diverse destinations intent on preserving local heritage, revitalizing undervalued neighborhoods, and they possess distinct personalities that set them apart from other metropolises,” T&L writes.

The list, published once a year, is based on the ranking of thousands of tourists and professional travelers.

Commenting on Jerusalem’s high ranking, T&L writes that the city’s spirituality and importance to the three monotheistic religions make it unique.

“Christians, Jews, and Muslims converge to worship in this 4,000-year-old holy city, and their respective churches, synagogues, and mosques surround the historic Old City. Here, you can tuck a miniature prayer into the Western Wall, or see a fragment of clay engraved with cuneiform at the excavation site at Temple Mount. The iconic, gleaming gold Dome of the Rock is best photographed from the Austrian Hospice, which offers unparalleled views of the city and Mount of Olives.”

However, “Jerusalem, like every other city on our list, also has a stake in the contemporary and the secular,” T&L stresses. “Luxury apartment buildings now erupt like stalagmites from the Judean Desert, and high-end restaurants, such as King’s Court at the restored Waldorf Astoria, are bringing a new upmarket appeal to this arid oasis.”

By: United with Israel Staff

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