(Israel Airport Authority)
Dubai Plane

A Jordanian aircraft en route to Amman from Dubai made an emergency landing in Tel Aviv due to bad weather conditions and low fuel.

A Royal Jordanian Airbus 320 headed for Amman declared an emergency landing at Ben-Gurion Airport on Tuesday due to poor weather conditions and low fuel. Granted permission from the Israeli authorities, it landed safely at 3:15 in the afternoon.

“The flight continued on to Tel Aviv and did not land in Amman due to poor weather conditions,” the Jordanian airline stated.

“The plane that took off from Dubai could not land in Amman and requested a Tel Aviv landing. Due to reports that it was running out of fuel, we declared a state of emergency. The plane landed safely, refueled, and will return to Amman as soon as possible,” the statement from the Tel Aviv airport read, Times of Israel reports.

By: United with Israel Staff