Naomi Lloroff

A South American Jewish girl who went missing this week was rescued from a Muslim home in Bolivia.

By United with Israel Staff

Naomi Lloroff, a 13-year-old girl from an Orthodox Jewish community in Buenos Aires, had gone missing on Wednesday afternoon.

After reporting her disappearance to police, the family recalled that she had been communicating through TikTok with a person identifying as Said Fanaya, a teenage boy from Bolivia.

She was found Thursday in a Muslim home in Bolivia and taken back to her family.

Jewish organizations had helped with the search. The Security and Prevention Office of the Jewish Community (DAC), which alongside Hatzalah Argentina aided police efforts to locate the girl, said they were able to find her by reaching the Bolivian teen’s father, The Jerusalem Post reported.

“This is an extremely unusual occurrence in our community,” Hamara said on Wednesday, before the girl was located, Arutz-7 reported. “We are with the family, doing what we can to help, praying that she is found healthy and well. We have appealed to all the security agencies here, asking them to do everything in their power to restore Naomi to her family.”

The incident is yet another example of some of the dangers posed by popular social media forums, particularly for children and teens.

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