(Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)
Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein

Yuli Edelstein thwarted a group of Palestinians and far-left Israelis who attempted to stage a meeting at the Knesset on expelling Jews from Hebron.

By Ezra Stone, United with Israel

A gathering under the banner of “Hebron First” was set to take place this Monday at the Knesset, the Jewish state’s parliament, a bizarre setting for a meeting whose goal would is to throw the Jews out of their homes in Hebron.

When Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein got wind of the gathering, he blocked it, citing a visit by the president of the Czech Republic at the same time as the official reason for cancelling it.

“Time after time, certain MKs try to act behind my back and that of the professional staff of the Knesset for cheap political gain. Lies are destined to be revealed,” Edelstein said, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The speakers scheduled to speak at the “Hebron First” meeting, which was not ever officially a “conference” since Edelstein must approve all gatherings with that title, included a who’s-who of Israel bashers.

For example, Hagai El-Ad, who accused Israel of war crimes at the UN Security Council and heads the far-left B’Tselem organization, was invited to speak. Other speakers included Arab MK Ayman Odeh, in addition to Palestinian residents of Hebron.

The meeting’s organizers maintained “Hebron First” would proceed as planned, notwithstanding Edelstein’s steps to block it.

Hebron has been the site of horrific Palestinian terrorist attacks targeting Jews, including a massacre in 1929 in which Arabs brutally murdered 67 Jews.

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