This Chanukah, and all year round, show Israelis affected by terror you care.

“It’s simply amazing to see how the Jewish people hug one another!” exclaimed Netta Lavi, wife of Nechemia Lavi ,who was murdered in the Old City of Jerusalem on Sukkot 2015. Netta had just received a Letters of Hope book filled with handwritten letters and drawings from Jews across the globe who wanted to show they cared.

As a college student living in Baltimore, MD, I didn’t want to feel helpless anymore in connecting with my brothers and sisters in Israel. While I can pray for Israel, support AIPAC, and support Israel’s economy, I wanted a personal, tangible means to connect to families affected by terror in our homeland.

Letters of Hope is a project started in November 2015 after Israel experienced a wave of terror attacks which shattered the lives of many families. The goal of the project is to bridge the gap between Israeli and Diaspora Jews through sending personalized letters and drawings to Jews in Israel affected by terror.

Through community efforts and spreading awareness of the project online, children and adults across multiple communities eagerly participated in writing heartfelt letters and drawings. The letters were compiled into personalized, unity-infused books and were hand delivered by One Family Fund, the leading organization that supports Israel’s victims of terror.

We received much positive feedback both from the individuals and organizations who wrote letters, as well as from the families who received the letters. Diaspora Jews appreciated this means to connect to their brothers and sisters in Israel and Israeli families appreciated their care and support.

There are currently multiple families who have not yet received books. You can partner your community, school, shul, or youth group with an Israeli family affected by terror in creating a book filled with heartfelt letters and drawings to show your support and care.

We hope you will join with us this Chanukah to involve your communities and families in spreading light and Jewish unity in this special way.

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Article by Vivi Kelman

Vivi Kelman is a graduate student finishing up a degree in Occupational Therapy in Baltimore, Maryland. She enjoys playing music, writing, and hopes to blog more in the future. She can be reached at