Shaare Zedek

On the same day bombing victim Elhanan Biton was released from Shaare Zedek Medical Center, the hospital released photos of a Book of Psalms that blocked shrapnel from injuring another Israeli.

By United with Israel Staff

On Sunday, Shaare Zedek Medical Center reported that a man who had been injured in a Palestinian terror attack last week had been blocked from shrapnel by a Book of Psalms in his pocket, which stopped portions of the shrapnel from striking him.

In a photo of the book, pages can be seen pierced in the verse in Psalm 124: “Our soul escaped like a bird from the hunters’ snare; the snare broke, and we escaped.”

On the same day Shaare Zedek released photos of the Book of Psalms, another victim of the attack, 16-year-old Elhanan Biton, was released from the Hospital.

Biton lost his dear friend Aryeh Schupak in the Palestinian bomb attack last week and was seriously injured by one of two bombs set off in Jerusalem, which claimed the lives of Schupak and 50-year-old Israeli father of two Tadasa Tashume Ben Ma’ada, who was laid to rest earlier in the day on Sunday.

Biton and Schupak were sitting next to each other when the bomb exploded, which investigators suspect was detonated remotely.

The survivor remembered his departed friend as a “a guy who loved to help and loved to study, loved everyone,” reported Times of Israel.

After the bomb went off, Biton tried to move Schupak to safety, but realized quickly his friend had passed away. Schupak was killed by shrapnel packed with the bomb, which also injured Biton.

“In the hours after the attacks, Biton’s father told media that his son had seen a man photographing people at the bus stop shortly before the explosion,” explained the Times.