A hospitable family experienced a true miracle when they unwittingly welcomed a terrorist into their home and survived.

Following the gruesome terror attack in Tel Aviv Wednesday night, a policeman invited a thirsty stranger into his home for a drink of water, not realizing he was one of the murderers.

Two Palestinian terrorists fired at civilians at the upscale Sarona Market, murdering four and wounding 17.  The policeman had been out at a nearby cinema with his wife, the Jerusalem Post reported, and he rushed home upon hearing of the attack.

After inviting a seemingly confused stranger who had asked for a drink of water into his home, he ran to the scene of the attack, leaving the terrorist in the living room with his wife and other relatives.

When he saw the other terrorist and recognized that he was wearing the same type of suit as his guest, he realized his mistake, ran back home and held down the terrorist while calling security.

The story might seem bizarre, but in Israel it isn’t rare to show hospitality and care for a stranger in need.

In this case, the family was so fortunate to experience this wonderful miracle on such a tragic night.