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Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah

Hussein Mahmood Yassine “had already identified at least 100 Lebanese living in Uganda for possible recruitment by Hezbollah,” according to The Kampala Post.

By United With Israel Staff 

Israeli and Ugandan Intelligence have jointly intercepted and arrested a Lebanese national at Entebbe International Airport for allegedly being part of an international terrorist plot, according to an exclusive report in The Kampala Post.

The arrest took place on July 7, according to the report.

A few days later, says the paper, “the Lebanese consulate in Uganda, in a diplomatic note to the Ugandan Foreign Affairs Ministry, protested the arrest of their national who they claimed was being held incommunicado and had been denied legal representation.”

However, the Post reports that it has “obtained a shocking intelligence report that reveals for the first time how the security services might have nipped in the bud a terrorist plot in the country of international proportions.”

According to this intelligence information, says the Ugandan newspaper, the arrested man is “Hussein Mahmood Yassine, a suspected undercover Hezbollah agent who has lived and worked in Uganda since 2010. He was arrested while about to board a flight to Lebanon via Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He had just arrived back at Entebbe airport from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, a few hours earlier.”

The revelation of who this man was, says the Post, followed “intense interrogations by the Ugandan joint security team in consultation and cooperation with Israel’s external intelligence agency, Mossad.”

According to the report, “Hezbollah instructed Yassine to identify, among others, U.S and Israeli targets in Uganda and the region, recruit Lebanese living in Uganda for Hezbollah operations (particularly Lebanese who travelled to Europe and the U.S frequently) and also recruit some Ugandan Muslims who traveled to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and other religious purposes to act as Hezbollah intelligence assets.”

The newspaper says that its source “further revealed that the suspected terrorist agent Yassine had already identified at least 100 Lebanese living in Uganda for possible recruitment by Hezbollah.”

Both the American and Israel authorities have since been notified by their Ugandan counterparts about the details of the plot and “have demanded the immediate prosecution of the Lebanese national,” says the Kampala Post.