The 9th of Av has historically been a tragic day for the Jewish people. However, this day will ultimately become a day of joy and celebration.

In this film, Yishai Fleisher explores the origin and meaning of the 9th of Av in this original short film.

He emphasizes the special hope for the future born in the current era of a fruitful and flourishing Jewish state in the Land of Israel.

Be sure to watch this and be inspired!

Personal Message from Yishai Fleisher (the Director and Producer):

Along with a return to authentic Jewish spirituality and efforts to bring about Jewish unity, the embracing of the Land of Israel in our lives is a major part of the rectification for the sin that lead to the 9th of Av being a day of mourning.

Instead of rejecting the land as did generation of the spies in the desert, we must take up the historic opportunity of building a holy country in our homeland.

The rebuilding of the Jewish Commonwealth is the most exciting project of the Jewish people in 2,000 years! Be a part of it!