(Amos Ben-Gershom/GPO)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commended the Christian Media Summit in Jerusalem, “You know the truth about Israel’s history and the truth about our commitment to freedom.”  

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday addressed the Christian Media Summit held at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, during which he lauded the close ties between Israel and Christians around the world as he declared that “Israel has no better friends – I mean that – no better friends in the world than the Christian communities around the world.”

While welcoming the attendees to “Jerusalem, the eternal united capital of the Jewish people,” Netanyahu underscored the city’s accessibility to members of all faiths, saying that “you are joining us as we celebrate 50 years since the Holy City was liberated and united; 50 years of religious freedom for all. You know that because you walk around, you go to the holy sites, you go to the churches, others go to the mosques, and you know this is a free city.”

Netanyahu also invited the gathering  to look forward “to the day when the embassies of all your countries move to Jerusalem.”

“Israel is the one country in a vast region where Christians not only survive, they thrive,” the Israeli premier highlighted. While Christian communities are persecuted and are diminishing throughout the region, the birth cradle of Christianity, the Christian community in Israel is growing.

“You know the truth about Israel’s history and the truth about our commitment to freedom. Freedom is under a challenge all the time, and I think it scored a big victory the other day,” Netanyahu stated referring to President Donald Trump’s “courageous speech’ which outlined the US’ new course against Iran, “the enemy of our free civilization.”

Christians are brutally persecuted in the Islamic Republic. Pastors are jailed for being Christian leaders. Christians have been lashed for sipping wine during prayer services. “Christians have been brutally tortured for doing nothing more than practicing their faith,” Netanyahu stated.

“I think that how a country treats religious minorities is a very good indicator of how it will treat its other citizens and its neighbors,” Netanyahu pointed out asking the Christian media outlets to  dedicate time and effort to “highlighting the plight of the countless Christians suffering under Iran; profile the brave Christian leaders jailed for practicing their faith; sit with the families of the school teachers jailed for years merely for converting to Christianity; call out the lie and the lies of President Rouhani, who promised in 2013 that all religions would, quote, feel justice in Iran, while so many Christians live there in constant terror.”

This is the first such event Israel has hosted, and comes a week after some 60,000 Israel supporters from 80 countries around the world joined the annual parade through the streets of Jerusalem, organized by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, held on Sukkot, the Festival of Tabernacles.

While this parade has been taking place annually since 1979, this year’s celebration was unique, as Israel celebrates the 50th year of the reunification of Jerusalem.

By: United with Israel Staff