The United Nations funneled at least $40 million to radical Palestinian NGOs over a four-year period.

By Im Tirtzu

From 2016 to 2020, the United Nations has funneled at least $40 million to radical Palestinian non-governmental organizations that have ties to terror groups and promote the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel, a new report by the Zionist watchdog organization Im Tirtzu revealed.

The report, which surveyed 19 Palestinian NGOs that receive funding from the UN, revealed that nearly all of them support BDS and eight of them have ties to Hamas or the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terror groups.

Some of the terror-linked NGOs named in the report include the Union of Agricultural Work Committees and the Union of Health Work Committees, which have been identified by USAID as the respective agricultural and health arms of the PFLP, and the Palestinian Center for Human Rights that has ties to Hamas and PFLP according to Israel’s Ministry for Strategic Affairs.

In March, a number of BDS organizations partnered with terror groups from Gaza, Turkey, and Iran to fight normalization.

“As with most rabidly anti-Israel NGOs, their names are innocuous and mislead people into thinking they promote human rights, but in reality they peddle malicious anti-Israel agendas,” said Eytan Meir, director of external relations and development for Im Tirtzu.

The report further notes that the UN is not entirely transparent in its reporting. The UN reporting “often omits the ‘implementing partners’ that receive the funding to carry out the programs. This creates a situation in which millions of dollars in funding are unaccounted for,” Im Tirtzu asserted.

The report also highlighted the United States’ disproportionate role in UN funding, noting that the US funds 22 percent of the UN’s core budget and 25% of its peacekeeping budget.

“Support for terrorism and BDS is directly opposed to the values and wishes of the United States,” the report states. “In July 2019, the US House of Representatives passed an anti-BDS resolution by an overwhelming majority and to date more than 30 states have passed anti-BDS legislation.”

As a solution, Im Tirtzu advocated increased transparency and the passing of a UN-equivalent Taylor Force Act.

The Taylor Force Act, signed into law by President Donald Trump in March 2018, requires the US to halt its aid to the Palestinian Authority so long as it continues paying stipends to individuals or families of individuals who committed acts of terror.

“A similar law can be implemented in regards to the UN,” Im Tirtzu stated, “which would stipulate that the US will halt its aid to the UN so long as it continues to fund propaganda organizations that have ties to terrorist groups, promote BDS, and lobby international bodies against Israel.”

“Such a law would require the UN to cut its funding of these organizations out of fear of losing funding from the US, its largest donor.”