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Ritchie Torres

Torres’s criticism of October 7th denial addresses conspiracy theories asserting that the Hamas atrocities in Israel were a false flag operation.

By Shula Rosen

Democratic NY Representative Ritchie Torres said denial of the Hamas atrocities on October 7th is “a cousin of Holocaust denial” and is “the latest mutation in the DNA of antisemitism.”

He posted on X, “The latest embarrassment is Amin Husain, a professor who not only downplays but also outright denies the atrocities of Hamas, telling his students that October 7th is ‘not true.”

“The higher education industrial complex has been exposed as a cesspool of antisemitism,” he concluded.

Torres’s remarks about October 7th denial were critical of a growing trend of conspiracy theories on social media asserting that the Hamas atrocities in southern Israel were a false flag operation.

The Wall Street Journal reported on growing antisemitism on social media and how influencers are encouraging people to doubt the clear video evidence from Hamas terrorists’ own cameras showing them committing atrocities.

The conspiracy theory has found its way to Pro-Palestinian demonstrations, and crowds have used the October 7th denial as a justification to rip down posters of hostages in Chicago and London.

At a city council meeting in Oakland, California, the issue was discussed and deliberated on with Christina Gutierrez who works for the city’s housing department, declaring, “Israel murdered their own people on October 7. Antisemitism isn’t real.”

Torres’ post condemning October 7th denial wasn’t the only social media post Torres has made supporting Israel.

He also said that the demand for a permanent ceasefire is asking Israel to “become the author of its own annihilation” and said accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza was a “blood libel.”

Torres also pointed out that the conflict between Israeli Jews and Arabs was not a racial struggle, as often claimed by the far left, but pointed out that most Israelis “are not actually white.”

Torres is African American and represents a majority black and Latino District in the South Bronx with only a few thousand Jews and yet he is concerned about what the future holds for the Democratic Party and support for Israel.

“I do worry that the next generation is increasingly indoctrinated with anti-Israel hate so virulent that it renders them indifferent to the coldblooded murder of Jews in Israel,” he said.