Jews don’t need any more holidays but thanks to President Obama …

We have been warned for months of an attempt at a going-away “present” from Barack Obama to both Bibi Netanyahu and Israel.

There has been a growing chorus of vitriol by the Obama administration and its acolytes towards Israel’s “settlements.”

This is the kind of vitriol reserved for barbarian murderous dictators like Bashar Assad unless, of course, you are Barack Obama. He usually reserves his best vitriol for his true enemies, Israel and other critical American allies.

Obama’s overlooking facts like the Palestinian Authority fomenting violence with its own version of fake news, incitement, and growing anti-Semitism by Muslims on our college campuses.

Obama’s final push was to galvanize the Palestinians to go around direct negotiations to the UN. The plan?  Some country would introduce a resolution condemning and calling all settlements illegal, including, most importantly, Jerusalem.

The same situation came up in 2011 and the Obama administration vetoed it. After all, elections have consequences, don’t they? He needed Jews, so why rock the boat ? Terrorist activities magically disappeared, mistakes like Libya were caused by someone else so that he could get his second term. As Obama was caught on tape saying to Russia’s second in command Medvedev, “This is my last election. After it is done, I will have room to maneuver.”

What could be so important about Obama’s getting re-elected?  Iran.

This was another double cross in a long line of them from the prez. He promised that they would not talk with Iran directly and would keep Israel in the loop. We all know that this wasn’t true. After all, a burglar, thief, has to let someone know just how smart they are. Administration officials blabbed about this for all to hear. How the media was duped, Israel outsmarted with its “chickenshit leader.” On and on.

So everything was in place for after the election, or coronation, of Hillary. Barack would take the heat and let this resolution slide through. He didn’t have to approve of it; in fact, he could feign displeasure while just abstaining from voting. This puts Israel in a terrible position. No matter what you think of the two-state solution support, it would have given the Palestinians the booty of a war that was not fought. Gives them a win in a negotiation that they refused to participate in. This is a victory for terrorism, anti-Semitism, Jew and Israel haters worldwide.

Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jews, is now illegal. The resolution enables the Palestinians to harass Israel and Israelis and promotes BDS worldwide. Nice job, folks.

The ugly little secret is that the settlements – or as I call them, Jewish communities living in the ancient land of their ancestors – are now to be judenrein, or Jew free. They were also not a factor in the Netanyahu administration. They were stopped at one point except for some internal growth of existing communities. This I heard directly from David Makovsky, assistant to John Kerry, during his visit to Ohio State last year.

The two-state solution?  Forget about it. Violence will ratchet up, there will be no negotiations and nothing will be solved. Our country has rewarded the PA for eight years of intransigence, avoidance of the peace process and inciting their population to murder innocents.

Israel captured these territories – after warning Jordan to not enter the war in 1967 – reunied Jerusalem and gained a small but significant buffer from their hostile neighbors. With this new resolution Israel will be in a negotiation with the worst results already decided. This from a president who bragged about all the help he gave his “dear friend” Israel. I will comment on that deal later.

So what happened?  Trump won, nobody expected it. The J Streets of the world went apoplectic, Reform synagogues literally sat shiva, Obama acolytes like Jonathon Greenblatt of the ADL ran smear campaigns against Trump and his pick of advisers. Trump is an anti-Semite, Steve Bannon is Trump’s Goebbels, Trump is buying brown shirt outfits by the truckload. Truly sickening how once first-rate organizations with credibility could be reduced to sycophantic herds of sheep following leftist leaders like Soros, Obama and company.

This would most certainly have happened if Hillary had won. She would have feigned disgust towards it but would have blamed it on the lame duck President. Trump steadfastly stood by Israel even when he wasn’t yet sworn in. He merely delayed the inevitable by Obama.

I said prior to President Obama winning his first election that when he doesn’t need us any longer, he will abandon us. I used more colorful terms back then. I was called a racist, and a host of other names by some in our community. So I am sad, very sad, to say:


So the president who abstained from the genocide in Syria (I would assume that the murder of over 400,000 qualifies as a genocide);

The president who abstained or voted present over the rise of ISIS and Iran;

The president who enabled Iran to become the regional superpower with a direct path to making nuclear weapons;

The president who abstained while the Middle East blew up in what was called the Arab spring;

The president who abstained while the Russians gained a foothold in the Middle East, where they will help their terrorist clients…

Yes the “first Jewish President” (I am going to throw up) will be entering the next phase of his golf career after January 20, totally relaxed knowing he accomplished what he really wanted to accomplish: the beginning of the destruction of Israel, the diminishment of the United States and the growth of Islamic fundamentalism. After all, like I said, he doesn’t need us any longer.

Done, Israel and Jews screwed.


Article by Larry Levine

Originally from Long Island, New York, Larry Levine lives in Columbus Ohio. He is an award-winning businessman/pro-Israel activist, writer. Also a standup comedian and talk show host whose guests included Jay Leno, Alexander Haig and Paul Reiser.