(Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90)
Fatah terrorist

In its own words, Mahmoud Abbas’ party states that its “war” is with “Jews,” exposing the vicious, genocidal underbelly of Israel’s so-called “peace partner.”

By Palestinian Media Watch

Three weeks before the B’nei Brak attack, and other attacks in which a total of 11 people were murdered in one week, an official in Abbas’ Fatah Movement called on Palestinians to continue terror – and to use 15-year-olds:

“When you see a 15-year-old Palestinian child carrying a rock or another tool or a knife, know that this cause continues in the blood of our people and that it is inherited,” said Fatah Revolutionary Council member Abd Al-Ilah Atteereh on PA tTV

He also called for terror, using the PA’s euphemism “struggle with all means.”

Those terrorists who answered Fatah’s call have been honored by Fatah. The Palestinian terrorist who murdered 5 people in B’nei Brak near Tel Aviv last week was “heroic” if you ask Fatah. Accusing Israel of killing three other terrorists as an act of revenge, Fatah’s Secretary in the Jenin Branch, Ata Abu Rmeileh, called the murderer a hero, thus proving Abbas’ condemnation of the attack insincere, as pointed out by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

Two days before the murderous attack, the same Fatah official stated, “Our war is with the Jews.”

Abbas’s Fatah also used its willing tool, Facebook, to glorify the murderer of 5 as the Movement’s “hero” – a “Martyr” who “ascended to Heaven.”

As PMW has shown, for months the PA has been calling on Palestinians to “increase the popular resistance” – another euphemism for terror. The day after the murder of 5 in B’nei Brak, two additional Fatah officials repeated the call for terror.

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