The Palestinian Authority glorifies terror at cultural programs and honors heinous murderers. It also has ties to the Nazi leadership.

As documented by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), an Israel-based non-governmental organization and media watchdog group, terrorists recently released from Israeli prisons garnered prestigious honors at a PA event under the auspices of Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

During the program, PA Minister of Culture Anwar Abu Aisha invited the murderers onstage and awarded them with plaques of honor.

“Later in the program, a play was performed by Palestinian youth,” reports PMW. It “opens with young actors who are divided into two rival camps of Hamas and Fatah supporters. Eventually they throw away their Fatah and Hamas flags, uniting under the PA flag. Then they shoot and kill all the ‘Israelis.’ Among the dead bodies of the Israelis, they find a Palestinian who had been spying for Israel.”

The play continues with the “spy” begging for his life. But the Palestinian leader “makes him kneel down and shoots him in the head,” PMW explains.

“In response to the staged murder, the audience erupts in applause and whistles. The united Fatah and Hamas group salute their leader, the murderer, who marches around with the Palestinian flag.”

The plaques of recognition awarded to the terrorists – including perpetrators of some of the most barbaric murders – included a map of “Palestine,” obliterating any indication of the existence of Israel, PMW revealed.

The Palestinian civil war in 2006 resulted in the split of the PA into two entities, both claiming to be the true representatives of the Palestinian people: the Fatah-ruled Palestinian National Authority in PA-governed areas of Judea and Samaria, and the Hamas government in Gaza.

“At an event in 2009, a skit also portrayed the rivalry between Fatah and Hamas,” PMW says, with debates between students over “which organization was greater and which had done the most to fight Israel. Hamas students boasted the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, while Fatah students boasted the lynch in Ramallah in 2000 in which two Israeli soldiers were brutally murdered.”

“While the Western world views the killing of civilians as murder and terror, the PA sees Palestinians’ killing of civilians as heroic and deserving of financial reward,” PMW states, adding that the PA continues to use EU funding for terrorist activity.

PA Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake made an on-the-record statement rejecting the European demand that EU funds not go to terrorists.

“These [prisoners] are heroes… We appreciate the people of the revolution and are proud of them,” Karake stated, according to PMW.

In related incidents pointing to the apparently murderous intentions of the PA in recent months, a spray painting of two swastikas together with a PA flag was spotted near the southern city of Be’er Sheva as well as a flag with a swastika flying over the Palestinian town of Beit Omar, near Hebron.


In a recent speech at Bar-Ilan University, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pointed to direct links between the Nazi regime and the Palestinian movement, which have been documented.

Author: United with Israel Staff
Dec. 24, 2013