Palestinian Foreign Affairs Minister Riad Al-Malki

The Palestinian Authority has been silent about the Ukraine crisis because it has only one purpose: to deny the right of the Jewish state to exist.

By Elder of Ziyon, via The Algemeiner

The UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) opened its 49th session on Monday in Geneva, where it was decided to hold an urgent debate on Ukraine.

Many high-ranking national officials spoke, as they always do. Most spoke about their concern over Ukraine. Many spoke about COVID-19 challenges to human rights (including Spain, Thailand, Moldova), or worries about nuclear war.

One official, however, ignored everything else happening in the world, and stuck to his only theme: Israel is evil and the world is treating Israel too well.

Here is the UN summary of the Palestinian foreign minister’s speech:

“RIAD AL-MALKI, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the State of Palestine, said every year the international community met to discuss international human rights and international human rights law. But the reality for millions of victims of egregious human rights violations continued to deteriorate, the right to justice continued to be ignored, and the culture of impunity reigned.

“The reason behind this was double standards. Respect for international human rights and international humanitarian law should be ensured universally. This hall had borne witness to outrageous statements justifying war crimes and crimes against humanity, many committed against the Palestinian people. The Palestinian people had suffered from this, with the Israeli Government given special treatment, allowing it to commit crimes with utter impunity.

“Hundreds of Palestinian families lived under the intolerable threat of dispossession. Israeli settlers enjoyed legal protection, whilst the Palestinian people were punished for protecting themselves. Israel continued to expand, stripping all Palestinians from their fundamental rights. Some States rewarded Israel with special status: only double standards and exceptionalism could explain this upside-down reality.

“States that respected international law had nothing to hide; they did not bar United Nations officials, nor ban human rights defenders. When they did, they were met with justifiable international disapproval, and yet Israel banned international investigators and got away with it, as it wished for no proof of its crimes, and could count on special treatment by the international community.

Palestine called on the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to update the database of companies involved in illegal activities in Palestine. Exceptionalism was also applied by some Member States who continued to work against item seven on the Human Rights Council agenda.”

Not Even a Statement of Concern

You get that? No other nation has a dedicated permanent item on the HRC’s agenda. No other nation has a database dedicated to attacking companies that work on its soil. But still, everything is rigged in favor of Israel.

As of Monday, there had been only silence from the Palestinian Authority about the Ukraine crisis. Not even a statement of concern about the loss of civilian lives. Because the “State of Palestine” has only one purpose: to deny the right of the Jewish state to exist. There is little interest in building a functioning society, there is no interest in helping Palestinians live dignified lives, there is no tolerance for anyone who points out that their leadership is corrupt.

To them, the UNHRC is not a human rights body and the UN isn’t an international organization meant to keep world peace. To them, these bodies are simply tools to be used to attack Israel diplomatically, and when they are used for anything else, the Palestinians are angry.

You can read Riyad Al-Malki’s entire speech. Compare the universal messages of the other speeches with the Palestinian focus on demonizing the only Jewish state.

This speech is only one of hundreds of examples proving that the Palestinian entity is a self-centered, malicious member of the international community.